All About Crotons

Do you love Crotons? The striking colors will inspire your gardening creativity inside and out. Crotons are perfect for your indoor spaces and your outdoor containers. With the proper care, Crotons are a resilient plant that will bring beauty to your days and a smile on your face.

What are Crotons?

croton plants

Crotons come in a variety of styles in leaf shapes and colors. The leaves can vary from curly to thin, thick to twisted, making for an always exciting appearance. The colors of the leaves are what truly make this plant beautiful with the spectrum of green, yellow, red, orange, pink and black hues.

Native to the tropics, this perennial evergreen shrub adds an exotic touch to your containers. The true benefit of the Croton plant is the burst of color that it adds to your space.

Tips on Caring for Crotons


Lighting is very important to Crotons, as they amount of light they receive can greatly impact the vibrancy of the plant. It is the key feature to consider when selecting your plant and it will help you decide where it will live, indoors or outdoors.

Check the variety of your plant and the plant tag. Some types of Crotons need high light or bright light while others need medium light throughout the day. A good rule of thumb is the more variegated and colorful the plant is, the more light it will need.

If the colors start to fade, generally that means that the plant is not receiving enough sunlight.

Crotons as Indoor Plants

croton plants

Crotons are a great choice for the indoors and are a popular houseplant. For their success, they need proper watering and humidity because they are a tropical plant. Mimic the environment of high humidity by regularly misting your plant with water.

Meanwhile, only truly water the plant when it is needed. The top soil in your container should be dry to the touch. Then, water until it drains through the roots of the plant. Be sure to plant your Crotons in a container with proper draining holes.

croton shrub

Keep your plant away from drafts and cold temperatures (below 60 degrees F). Place your plant in an area of your home that receives the proper sunlight, like the windowsill in your kitchen.

Crotons will also clean the air that you breath. It has the ability to filter common airborne pollutants to help keep your home clean and keep you healthier.

Crotons as Outdoor Plants

croton indoor plant

Growing Crotons outdoors is popular in our area this time of year. They add an extra splash of texture and color to your landscape. Create a beautiful display on your patios or balconies with fantastic pottery and vibrant Croton plants.

Crotons work well during the summer and the fall, but what do you do when it gets cold outside? The best way to plant your croton to enjoy all year long is in a container. This creates the opportunity to move the plant indoors when temperatures start to drop moving into the winter season.

Just like growing indoors, check the top soil of your containers and water when it is dry to the touch.

croton perennial

Stop by today and add some color to your home with Crotons! Questions? Ask one of our Texas Certified Nursery Professionals available at all of our store locations.