How to Make your Summertime Container Garden

School is out and the adventures of summer are beginning! Reconnect with nature and enjoy quality time outdoors with your family! What better way to bond than through gardening! Bring the color of the season home and create your Summertime Container Garden!

How to Make your Summertime Container Garden


You will need the following items to complete your creation:

  • Sun-loving and heat-loving color
  • Calloway’s Premium Potting Soil
  • Pottery from Calloway’s or Cornelius
  • Calloway’s Natural Garden Food


heat loving color

Fill the container with Calloway’s Premium Potting Soil. Make sure the container has a drain hole for proper drainage and to keep your plant’s roots healthy. After you add your plants and water thoroughly, add more soil if needed.


container gardening

When selecting plants, remember to keep these details in mind:

  1. Where will my container garden be displayed?
  2. What are the sunlight requirements?
  3. What are the watering requirements?

For a container garden, it is best that all plants have similar sun and water requirements in order to be successful!

Then, choose your plants that love the sun and the heat and pick the colors that you wish to display. When putting your container together, use the “Thriller, Filler, Spiller” method for an always exciting color display.

For our creation, we chose a brightly colored foliage and vibrant, contrasting blooms! Here is what we selected:

Marguerite Sweet Potato Vines

sweet potato vine

Marguerite Sweet Potato Vines are a great “Spiller” option. Its attractive heart-shaped leaves remain lime green throughout the season, eventually spilling over the edges of hanging baskets and containers. Its foliage tends to remain low and dense and does best in full sun to partial shade.



Who doesn’t love a Zinnia? This “Thriller” plant comes in a variety of boldly colored blooms with bright yellow centers. With daisy-like petals, these flowers add a dynamic and playful texture and will dazzle in your container creation. Butterflies and hummingbirds love Zinnias and are a fantastic choice for attracting these beautiful creatures to your yard!



For one of your “Filler” plant selections, try Pentas! Pentas feature showy clusters of star-shaped flowers. Pentas attract bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds to your yard and does best in full sun to partial shade. Pentas add a touch of joy to every garden!

Cora® Vinca

cora vinca

Cora® Vinca is a fantastic splash of color for any summer planting, and a great “Filler” addition to any container! It loves the sun and comes in an array of color varieties. The showy star-shaped blooms and glossy oval leaves remain dark green throughout the year.


sun loving color

Give your plants the proper nourishment for long-lasting and healthy blooms. Pick up our Calloway’s Natural Garden Food to feed your lawn and garden the organic way.

Stop by our store nearest you for all your planting needs and create your Summertime Container Garden today! Questions? Ask our Texas Certified Nursery Professionals available at all of our store locations!