Cinderella Pumpkin

Your fall decorations can feel like a fairy tale with Cinderella Pumpkins! This heirloom Pumpkin looks just like the enchanted coach from Cinderella. With a magical, glowing orange color that contrasts with the deep lobes, giving the Cinderella Pumpkin a lush look! This is one pumpkin you will want in your fall displays to help your designer dreams come true.

1 Each, Medium Size

Online & Phone Orders: Each Pumpkin will be selected with care from our premium collection. During pickup, if you wish to exchange the selected Pumpkin for another in the same group, please speak with a store associate for assistance.

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Species: Cinderella Pumpkin

Cinderella Pumpkins boast a vibrant, deep orange color with smooth, glossy skin, making them visually striking. Typically larger than average, Cinderella Pumpkins feature long, sturdy stems that add an extra touch of elegance to arrangements.