Double Impatiens

Shade-loving annual with beautiful, rose-like double blooms.

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Species: Walleriana

Plant Height: 12 in.

Spread: 12 in.

Plant Form: Mounded, Spreading

Minimum Sunlight: Full Shade

Maximum Sunlight: Part Shade

Double Impatiens feature large, showy flowers with double blooms. The petals are often ruffled and have a layered appearance.

Double Impatiens have a compact growth habit and produce masses of colorful blooms. Their dense foliage and profuse blooms create a lush, full look that is very appealing. Double Impatiens are ideal for mass plantings, borders, hanging baskets, and containers.

Double Impatiens will grow to be about 12 inches tall and wide at maturity. It can be grown in containers or the landscape. Double Impatiens are sensitive to sunlight and grow best in areas of the garden that receive limited sunlight, where other plants may struggle.