Dwarf Mondo Grass

Stunning, sleek, and unique. Dwarf Mondo Grass grows mounds of narrow, thin, dark-green foliage that makes an elegant groundcover. Create a pathway from your home to your woodland garden for a relaxed and natural look.

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Species: japonicus

Plant Height: 4 in.

Spread: 8 in.

Evergreen: Yes

Plant Form: mounded

Summer Foliage Color: dark green

Minimum Sunlight: shade

Maximum Sunlight: partial shade

This groundcover is a lovely evergreen that grows striking dark-green leaves that remain stylish throughout the year. Growing into a mounded form, this plant is ideal for creating borders, planting as pathways, in between pavers, or in general edgings. Bring this refined plant to your landscape for a sophisticated appearance!

Dwarf Mondo Grass is herbaceous evergreen perennial grass with a fine texture that distinguishes itself from other garden plants. Its foliage will grow at a slow rate and will tend to remain low and dense to the ground. Although a relatively low maintenance plant, it’s preferred to be cleaned up in early spring before it continues to grow for the season.

Dwarf Mondo Grass will grow to be only 4 to 6 inches tall and spread 8 inches wide. When beginning to plant in masses, space them about 6 inches apart. Growing at a slow rate, if cared for correctly, this plant can live up to about 10 years. This Mondo Grass will thrive best in partial shade to shaded areas and in average to evenly moist conditions. Although used as a groundcover, this grass will also make a great addition for planting in outdoor pots or containers.