Geraniums bring vibrant color and low-maintenance beauty to your life! These cheerful plants boast large, colorful blooms in vibrant shades of red, pink, white, purple, and more. They thrive in sunny locations, making them ideal for window sills, patios, or hanging baskets. Geraniums are low-maintenance, requiring minimal watering and occasional deadheading to keep them blooming throughout the season. Choose your favorite color and enjoy a pop of joy on your porch, terrace, or any sunny space!

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Species: Pelargonium

Other Species Names: Zonal Geranium

Plant Height: 24 in.

Spread: 24 in.

Plant Form: upright spreading

Minimum Sunlight: Partial Shade

Maximum Sunlight: Full Sun

Geranium's bold balls of lightly scented flowers at the ends of tall stems from late spring to early fall. These flowers are wonderful for cutting and making a statement in flowerbeds and containers.

While their vibrant blooms add a burst of color, geraniums are primarily container stars in landscapes due to their sensitivity to frost. They shine in window boxes and hanging baskets, cascading beautifully along walkways and patios. Upright varieties add pops of color to sunny borders alongside other sun-loving plants, attracting pollinators like butterflies and bees.

Geraniums will grow to about 24 inches in height with a spread of 24 inches. Space well when grown as a bedding plant. This fast-growing plant can be expected to behave as an annual, and does best in full sun to partial shade.