Heuchera plants, or Coral Bells, are traditional plants that form round mounds. They display small bell-shaped flowers on tall stems. The Heuchera plant is nature’s paintbrush for your garden canvas! Revel in the enchanting variety of foliage hues, ranging from luscious greens to captivating purples. These hardy perennials add a burst of color and thrive in various conditions, making them a resilient choice for any garden.

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Species: Heuchera

Other Species Names: Australian Sword Fern, Boston Fern, Ladder Fern

Plant Height: 12-18 in.

Spread: 18 in.

Evergreen: No

Minimum Sunlight: Shade

Maximum Sunlight: Partial Shade

Heucheras feature colorful leaves and create small bell-shaped flowers during the spring or summer. Whether nestled in ornate containers, delicately framing garden pathways, or adorning picturesque borders, these plants lend an air of timeless charm to your surroundings.

Heuchera's compact yet striking form makes it an ideal candidate for both formal and informal landscapes. Whether utilized as an elegant ground cover, delicately lining garden borders, or creating eye-catching focal points in containers, these plants effortlessly contribute to a visually stunning and harmonious outdoor environment.

Heuchera plants required part shade to shady areas. Color on leaves may scorch if they receive too much sun. Thrives in soils with excellent drainage as they will rot in damp soil.