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1801 F.M. 423
Little Elm, TX 75068


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Calloway’s Garden Center & Nursery

Little Elm, TX garden center Calloway’s Nursery, is a premium-quality nursery conveniently located on FM 423 – just south of El Dorado Pkwy. Find your inspiration with our curated plant selection, chosen for superior performance in Texas gardens. We can’t list every plant we carry, but you can use our online catalog of plants to get detailed information on the many plants we offer. You’ll also find decorative items like fountains and imported pottery, as well as seasonal decorating ‘must haves’ like gourds and pumpkins for fall, and poinsettias and fresh Christmas trees for the holidays.

Our Experts

Photograph of a store employee

Sam, Manager

Sam is a Texas Master Certified Nursery Professional, the highest level of recognition awarded by the Texas Nursery and Landscape Association (TNLA).

Close up of a red rose

Cameron, Assistant Manager

Cameron is a Texas Certified Nursery Professional, awarded by the Texas Nursery and Landscape Association (TNLA).

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Frequently Asked Questions

“Last frost of Spring occurs between March 16-31
First frost of Fall occurs between November 11-20
Both of these are averages so killing frosts may occur outside of these ranges.

There are a number of things you can do to help discourage these tenacious pests, some things we suggest:

Plant resistant plants such as Dusty Miller, Lantana, Alyssum, Geraniums or Snapdragons, while they are not 100% immune to rabbits they do not prefer to eat these plants and will avoid them as much as possible.

Planting annuals in taller containers; especially for pansy plantings which rabbits love, this can be a big help. Make sure pots are tall enough that a rabbit on its hind legs will be unable to reach, 16” or taller seems to work well.

Repellents such as Rabbit Scram can help to keep them out without harming your plants, this needs to be applied at regular intervals and especially after a heavy rain.

While probably not the most attractive option fencing beds with chicken wire buried 6” below soil and at least 2’ above will help exclude them from gardens.

Fall is widely considered the best time to plant hardy shrubs and trees, this gives them the longest amount of time to develop a strong root system before their first Summer.

Like many things in our gardens this will vary a little season to season, but typically after our last frost in the Spring is the time to start. You should notice grass beginning to green back up from the dormant season that will signal time to apply, this can occur from around mid-March to early April depending on the year. Another application should be made 60 – 90 days after that and then again in September to October to finish out the season.

Pre-emergents are typically applied twice a year in our part of Texas, first application is around mid-February and the Fall application is typically around the first week in September. Weather depending there is some flexibility with these dates but remember with pre-emergents a week too early is better than even a day late.

Yes, Calloway’s strives to make sure our customers are set for success! We always have at least one person that is TNLA Certified on staff to insure that our customers are 100% educated on how to care and maintain anything that is purchased in our store.