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Calloway’s Garden Center & Nursery

Plano, TX North garden center Calloway’s Nursery is conveniently located off 121 between Independence and Custer, find your inspiration with our curated plant selection, chosen for superior performance in Texas gardens. We can’t list every plant we carry, but you can use our online catalog of plants to get detailed information on the many plants we offer. You’ll also find decorative items like fountains and imported pottery, as well as seasonal decorating ‘must haves’ like gourds and pumpkins for fall, and poinsettias and fresh Christmas trees for the holidays.

Our Experts

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Megan, Manager

Megan is a Texas Master Certified Nursery Professional, the highest level of recognition awarded by the Texas Nursery and Landscape Association (TNLA).

North Plano Logan Assistant Manager

Logan, Assistant Manager

Logan is a Texas Master Certified Nursery Professional, the highest level of recognition awarded by the Texas Nursery and Landscape Association (TNLA).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Our store offers a great selection of indoor plants and succulents. Our staff is knowledgeable to help you properly care for your indoor plants.

Yes, our stores have spreaders and pluggers for rent. This makes doing your own fertilizer and pre-emergent a breeze every season and saves space in the garage! Your rental deposit is refunded upon return of the spreader/plugger.

Calloway’s provides several options for supplying optimum nutrients to establish a healthy, thriving and luxurious lawn. Timing, however, is very important. The first application should coincide with warming and new growth in the spring, which may vary slightly depending on seasonal changes. Both of our premium fertilizers are activated by soil temperature. As the soil warms up, the lawn’s root system is stimulated and after the winter brown you will start seeing green grass again, usually mid-March. This is time for the first application, following with the second 3 months later and a third three months after that. However, if you apply too early under cold temperatures the fertilizer will not be released and the grass is not active enough to take up nutrients. Patience will win out.

The three products available include the basic Calloway’s Premium Lawn Food, 21-5-10 for established or new lawns that have not been fertilized recently or on a regular basis, Calloway’s Premium Lawn Food Phosphorus Free, 21-0-0 for a follow-up on long established and regularly fertilized lawns and the Calloway’s Natural Lawn and Garden Food, 10-3-1, great for those looking for a more natural way to maintain an already perfect lawn. Since Calloway’s Nursery is a Texas based company, you can depend on us to have a formula that is created based on the expert’s recommendations for our area including many micronutrients and supplements not provided by more generic brands. We will fix your soil, feed your grass and provide the great lawn you expect from Calloway’s.

Our Calloway’s stores always has a Texas Certified Nursery Professional on the floor who can help you diagnose your plant issues and offer a solution to make sure your lawn and garden are at their best.

The DFW area is in zone 8. Many of the plants we sell in ours stores thrive within this hardiness zone.