All About Mums

Fall mums are one of our favorites. They fill the season with spectacular color, indoors and out! Originally cultivated in China back around 15th century BC, mums thrived in the temperate climate of Asia. Over time, they have become an iconic flower and are used in different ways across the world. In Europe, mums are used for remembrance while in the United States, we celebrate with mums and decorate our special occasions with the gift of their beautiful colors.

Today, let’s talk about how to care for your mums, the difference between Floral mums and Garden mums, and how to utilize your mums indoors and outdoors.


garden mums

Garden mums are a hardy perennial that feature mounds of blooms in colors like purple, red, orange, yellow, bronze, pink and more! They bloom from early fall through November. Perfect for your landscape, garden mums need full sunlight. With proper care, your garden mums will return year after year.

Planting Tips

When planting your garden mums, it is important to use a well-draining flowerbed soil. Try Calloway’s Flower Bed Mix. Mums thrive in the fall when the temperatures are gradually cooling and are a staple of fall color plantings. That is why fall is the best time of year for mums.

landscape mums

Plant in a sunny spot of your landscape and be sure there is access to a water source. Once planted, protect the plant’s roots from the upcoming cold and winter conditions with a thick layer of mulch. Using mulch will help your plant’s roots to establish and build a strong root system throughout the winter.

Care Tips

In addition to mulch, during the freeze of winter, it is best to cover your garden mums. When the temperatures start to warm up a bit in early spring, this is the time to pinch your plants back. What does that mean exactly?

Pinching your plants encourages more branching for a fuller plant. Think of a gray hair; if you pluck it, many more come back. The concept is very similar, but with a better benefit.


To pinch your plants, simply cut off the new growth at the end of the stem. You can continue this process, as needed, well into July. This will force your plant to grow twice as many stems for lots of wonderful blooms to enjoy in the fall.


floral mum

Floral mums are perfect to enjoy indoors and they are an excellent choice for cut flowers. They feature an array of colorful petals and need bright, indirect light. Floral mums are a fall favorite and complete any table display or seasonal décor.

Planting Tips

The key components to planting floral mums are based on a couple of factors. First, a good container is important. Floral mums should be planted in a container that is slightly larger than the plant size and it should contain a good drain hole.

yellow floral mums

Plant with Calloway’s Premium Potting Soil for proper moisture control and a strong, healthy plant.

Care Tips

Once planted, place your floral mums in an area of your home that receives bright, indirect light throughout the day. Good air circulation and avoiding excess humidity are also important with floral mums.

red floral mum

During the growing season, feed your plant with a water-soluble fertilizer, like Calloway’s Amazing Gardens.

Now that you know more about your fall mum selections, let’s get to planting and decorating! Fill your fall display and tablescapes with beautiful mums, pumpkins, metal art, and more! Get into the spirit of this wonderful season and make your home warm and welcoming with mums!

floral mums

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