Container Gardening 101: Cool Window Boxes

Planting gorgeous color this time of year is simple, even with our Texas climate. We all know how our Texas weather can fluctuate quickly. That’s why creating gorgeous container gardens is a great choice for this season. If Mother Nature is in the mood for a sudden freeze, container gardens give you the opportunity to take control and protect your plants. They allow you the option for easy moving and a quick plant escape from the conditions. Take your planting to the next level and line your landscape with the lovely versatility of Cool Window Boxes!

Window boxes are classic and easy to manage, no matter where you live! You can line your fences, your porches, or your windowsills. Choose a window box that has proper drainage and a watering system for low maintenance gardening. Check out our selection of Dura Cotta Window Boxes from Bloem! These lightweight yet durable containers have pre-drilled drain holes and an attached watering tray. The watering tray is removable and will catch any excess water.

Container Gardening 101: Cool Window Boxes


durra cotta container

To get started planting your Cool Window Box, you will need a few supplies from Calloway’s or Cornelius for your planting success.

  1. Seasonal Plants like Matrix® Pansies, Alyssum, and Fresh Herbs
  2. Calloway’s Premium Potting Soil
  3. Dura Cotta Window Box
  4. Calloway’s Natural Garden Food

Step 1: Add Potting Soil

Calloway’s Premium Potting Soil gives your plants the proper nutrients for strong growth, creates an ideal balance of air and water around your plant’s roots, and maintains the proper moisture levels to keep your plants healthy and happy.

Leave room for your plants and add more soil, if needed, once everything is planted.


Step 2: Add Seasonal Plants

When selecting plants, remember to keep these details in mind:

  • Where will my container creation be displayed?
  • What are the sunlight requirements?
  • What are the watering requirements?

When planting any container garden, it is always best to select plants with similar sun and water requirements in order to be successful!

For a window box container garden during this time of year, choose plants that can tolerate cooler weather with vibrant blooms or lush foliage. When planting, use the “Thriller, Filler, Spiller” method for a bright and dynamic display.


Matrix® Pansies

matrix pansies

For your “Thriller” plant selection, use Matrix® Pansies. Matrix® Pansies are cool weather blooms that fill containers with a burst of color and a soft texture. They are available in many styles like clear or blotch. We love the bright yellow coloring against the lush green leaves.

add thriller plant

Plant in a grouping in the center of your window box to create a strong focal point in your container garden. These beauties will create a dramatic display to compliment your design. Matrix® Pansies enjoy full sun to partial shade.




For your “Filler” plant selections, use Alyssum! Alyssum is a herbaceous annual with a trailing habit. It creates a fine and full texture in your garden composition. Alyssum will attract beneficial pollinators to your garden like bees and butterflies! Check out this gorgeous variety with clusters in shades of purple, lavender, and white.

add filler plant

Plant your “Filler” selection on each side of your Matrix® Pansies to help complete the look of your design. Alyssum does well in full sunlight to partial shade.



fresh herbs

For a perfect “Spiller” plant, use fresh Thyme! Incorporating fresh herbs into your container gardens creates an even more versatile design and is a roaring trend in gardening. Foodscaping is a design concept which consists of mixing edibles into your landscape as a beautiful ornamental.

add spiller plant

Complete your container garden and plant fresh Thyme on each end of your window box. Watch as the Thyme grows and spills gracefully down the box. Thyme plants need full sunlight for adequate growth.


Step 3: Display Your Window Box

container gardening ideas

Once you are done planting, water thoroughly allowing the water to drain out of the container. Like mentioned before, feel free to add more potting soil if needed.

window box

Simply, hang your window box, using the support bar to brace your creation securely. Make multiple designs and line your fences with sparkles of color.



planting a window box

Keep your plants happy, vibrant, and healthy with quality plant food. Use Calloway’s Natural Garden Food! Our improved formula is ideal for many areas of your landscape like lawns, flowerbeds, vegetables, fruits, trees, and shrubs. Natural Garden Food is one of the leading fertilizers for an organic landscape and a great choice for feeding edible plants. It is enhanced with Jobe’s Biozome® and Archaea, a unique blend of beneficial microorganisms, which breaks down complex minerals to improve long-term soil quality. This highly enriched fertilizer also contains helpful mycorrhizae, a healthy bacteria that stimulates growth above and below the soil. Apply as directed with our easy-to-read instructions located on the back of the bag.

Now, you have the perfect container garden for this time of year! Your Cool Window Boxes will give your home added color and beauty throughout the season. Use your window box all year long! As the season’s change, update your window box with fresh color, vegetable plants, herbs, or more! The options are endless and will make a beautiful impact in any space!

As your plants grow, especially plants like Thyme or Alyssum, transition to a bigger and better container! This will give your plants and their roots more room to grow and develop.

Stop by our store nearest you today for all your Cool Window Box planting needs! Questions? Ask one of our Texas Certified Nursery Professionals available at every store location!