How to Make Stylish Brown Bag Planters

Whether you are an apartment dweller, need to refresh your office space, or  you are looking to add that little something extra to your home, we have the perfect project for you. Bring more life into your space while you reap the benefits of your lovely indoor potted plants with adorable Brown Bag Planters. Suited for any season, these planters bring texture and a unique style to your décor, plus you can change them as needed, and personalize them however you want.

How to Make Brown Bag Planters

STEP 1: Supplies

brown bag planters

You will need the following supplies to complete this project:

Your plants, pots, and potting soil can be found at a Calloway’s or Cornelius near you! The remaining supplies can be found at your local craft store or grocery store.

STEP 2: Pot your Plants

indoor plants

Pick up small terra cotta pots and fill them with potting soil, being sure to leave room for your plant. Remove your plants from their plastic containers and loosen up the roots. Place them in your pots and add more soil as needed.

STEP 3: Wrinkle your Bags

brown bag planters

Give the paper bags some texture and character by crumbling them up into a ball until you have reached your desired texture. Smooth out the bags and gently fold them down to the height of your pottery – leaving enough height to cover the pot.

crafting with plants

STEP 4: Add your Ribbon or Lace


Measure out your ribbon or lace so there is enough to wrap around the plant, leaving extra material to tie it into a bow. Repeat for each plant.


Step 5: Enjoy!

indoor plants

You are done! Such an easy craft but also so cute! Now go decorate your table top, desk, or wherever you want to add that something extra to your space!

decorate with plants

Stop by our store nearest you to pick up your supplies today!