How to Care for Succulents

Succulents. They are so hot right now.

Whether you are new to the gardening scene or you are a green-thumbed gardening champ, succulents are the perfect plant for you. They are low maintenance and trendy addition to your indoor spaces.


Succulents make great teacher gifts, party favors, or for simply adding a splash of greenery to your space. Enjoy sweet succulents and start them off on the right note with these 4 helpful care tips!


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Succulents love light. Most succulents need about 6 hours of bright, indirect sunlight each day. When they do not receive enough light, succulents will experience issues with long, weak stems, color loss, and a leggy look. Try adorning your south-facing windows with beautiful succulents for ideal sun exposure. Also, remember to rotate your plants often to provide an equal amount of sunlight to all parts of your plant.


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Watering succulents properly can greatly impact the health of your plant. A good rule of thumb is to water when the soil is dry. Succulents need water, but the approach is slightly different than many plants. While most plants need consistently moist soil to grow, succulents prefer when the soil becomes dry before adding more moisture. Water thoroughly and allow it to drain through the roots. Check the soil often and water again when the soil feels dry.

3 – SOIL

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Good soil is important to any plant. Succulents need soil that provides proper drainage. Avoid planting in any dense, clay soils, as these are not ideal for healthy succulents. Using a potting soil like Black Gold® Cactus Mix is a unique blend of horticultural grade perlite, pumice, earthworm castings, compost and bark. Made specifically for cacti and succulents, it gives your succulents fantastic soil structure and the drainage they need.

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Choosing the right container will keep your succulents…succulent. At Calloway’s and Cornelius, we have designs and sizes that are sure to fit you and your style. The most important feature to look for when selecting your container is a drain hole. A drain hole allows the moisture to run through your plants roots without leaving behind a pool of water. Soggy soil will not make for a happy succulent.


Check out our selection in store and let’s get planting! Questions? Ask our Texas Certified Nursery Professionals available at every store location.

Don’t feel like planting? Check out our succulent container creations and pre-made selections!

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