Pothos Ivy


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Species: aureum

Plant Height: 8-10 in in.

Spread: 12-36 in.

Evergreen: Yes

Plant Form: Vining

Summer Foliage Color: Green

Minimum Sunlight: Indirect

Maximum Sunlight: Indirect

Pothos Ivy provides a lot of color in a small space. The green variegated leaves add lovely growth by itself in a planter, or can be used to accompany other houseplants for additional foliage.

Pothos Ivy is best known as a houseplant and can be pruned back for compact growth. It can also be used as groundcover or along trees as a climbing vine, reaching up to 40 inches or more in length.

Pothos Ivy grows best in indirect light or low light. The marbled foliage features bright green waxy leaves at first growth before maturing. The height of the plant can reach up to 10 inches with a spread of up to 36 inches. Pothos Ivy can be pruned to fit your containers. The stem cuttings can be propagated to start new growth. Plant with a peaty potting soil, keeping it consistently moist during the growing season, while reducing watering from fall to late winter.