Tiger Jaw


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Species: tigrina

Plant Height: 4-6 in.

Spread: 4-6 in.

Evergreen: Yes

Plant Form: Low

Summer Foliage Color: Green

Minimum Sunlight: Bright

Maximum Sunlight: Bright

Tiger Jaw is related to the Living Stones type of succulent, and maintains only a couple of leaves per plant. Its name comes from the tooth-like margins around its stumpy leaves.

Tiger Jaw is a succulent with a low, clumping growth habit. This is a very low maintenance plant. It has no significant negative characteristics. Tiger Jaw is a popular collectible plant for enthusiasts.

Tiger Jaw grows to about 4-6 inches tall and wide. It grows slowly and produces only two leaves at a time before producing flowers that are mostly yellow. This shrub should be grown in full sunlight, but benefits from afternoon shading. It does require minimal moisture, but as a Cactus can withstand being dry. It will not tolerate any standing water. It is not particular as to soil type or pH as long as it drains completely. This is a selected variety of a species not originally from North America. Tiger Jaw is small enough to be tucked into a mixed planting of compatible plants that are to be kept mostly dry to slightly moist, and given bright sunlight.