Black Gold® Orchid Mix

Ideal for Orchids in helping them grow to their best and fullest. The special blend of small bark, peat moss, and perlite/pumice helps retain moisture, ensures root ventilation, proper drainage and air flow. Helps retain moisture and easy to use! Recommended for Cymbidium, Paphiopedilum, and Phaius orchid species.

Freckles Orchid

This colorful orchid produces arching spikes crowned with cream colored blooms freckled with hot pink spots; an excellent focal plant for containers or hanging baskets

Archangel Orchid Pink Angelonia

An amazing show of glowing orchid pink snapdragon-like flowers all summer; has an upright and dense growth habit ; perfect for cottage gardens, borders, and containers; water frequently and thoroughly in hot weather.

Memorial Day Rose

These enormous long stemmed flowers hold loads of frilly petals in orchid pink tones softened by a gentle wash in lavender; a rich damask fragrance engages happy memories; a vigorous bloomer and very disease resistant.