Air Plants

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Species: spp.

Plant Height: 3-30 in.

Spread: 4-30 in.

Evergreen: Yes

Plant Form: Clumping

Summer Foliage Color: Varies

Minimum Sunlight: Indirect

Maximum Sunlight: Indirect

Air Plants are best featured as a striking houseplant. Most species grow as small rosettes or form moss-like plants. It can be grown virtually anywhere, requiring very little water and care. This makes it an easy plant to dress up any pottery, wreath, wood, or sculpture.

Air Plants landscaping attributes are very creative from traditional houseplants. The easy-going nature of Air Plants makes it simple for gardeners to use in traditional pottery, container gardens, or terrariums. Air Plants can also be used on drift wood, hanging planters, wooden planks, wreaths, or virtually anywhere you can think of.

Air Plants are slow-growing plants that require very little maintenance to care for since they can grow virtually anywhere. These make for great plants in terrariums. Mist or dunk 2-3 times a week, more in dry environments. Air Plants requires indirect light, or filtered light, for best growing conditions.