Begonias are popular flowers known for their beauty and ease of care. They come in various colors, including bronze, green, pink, red, and white. You can plant them in sun or shade depending on the variety. Begonias are a versatile choice for flowerbeds, containers, borders, hanging baskets, and mass plantings. Senator iQ begonias is one of the darkest bronze-leaf Begonias you will find, lending to a beautiful contrast between flowers and foliage.

Ambassador Begonias are known for their early, large flowers on compact plants in rich green leaves.


Species: Semperflorens-Cultorum

Other Species Names: Begonia Senator iQ, Begonia Ambassador

Plant Height: 8- 10 inches in.

Spread: 8-10 inches in.

Evergreen: No

Minimum Sunlight: Senator iQ: Part Sun Ambassador: Shade

Maximum Sunlight: Senator iQ: Sun Ambassador: Part Shade

Senator iQ and Ambassador Begonias boast clusters of small blooms with sunny yellow throats, adding color from spring to fall. Senator iQ takes the crown for darkest bronze foliage, while Ambassador complements perfectly with its richest green leaves.

Begonias, with their upright habit, come in varieties to suit every light condition. Thriving in shady or sunny spots, these colorful bloomers add beauty to flowerbeds, containers, borders, hanging baskets, and mass plantings.

Begonias, reaching a compact 8 inches tall, boast blooms that burst from containers and flowerbeds. These high-impact flowers thrive in rich, moist soil for season-long vibrancy. Easy to care for, they'll reward you with nonstop color!