What To Look For When Shopping For a Quality Fresh Cut Christmas Tree

Picking out your Fresh Cut Christmas Tree is a classic tradition filled with hope, love, and excitement for what is to come! The scent of evergreens, the crisp cool air, the soft touch of the glossy, green needles on your hand, as you stroll along exploring the potential. Each tree enchanted with the possibilities of Christmas. It is magical, to say the least. We can’t help but feel the child-like glee when it comes to picking out the perfect Fresh Cut Christmas Tree, no matter what age we are. It is the spirit of Christmas that brings joy to our homes this time of year, so let’s start with a quality Fresh Cut Christmas Tree.



At Calloway’s and Cornelius, giving your family the best is our priority. We go the extra mile to ensure that your Christmas Tree stays fresh and green throughout the holiday season. Plus, we make it easy for you! We give our trees a fresh cut in our stores and place them for you in a tree stand that is included with your purchase, filled with water to keep your tree quenched and refreshed. Here is our process:


What To Look For When Shopping For a Quality Tree

When the trees arrive to each of our store locations, they are organized by size and style on pallets.

shade cover on living christmas trees

Then, they are immediately covered with a shade blanket to help them easily acclimate to our conditions and to protect them from the sun or wind. During this time, our Fresh Cut Christmas Trees are watered about 3-4 times until it is time to cut.



fresh christmas tree trunks

When a living Christmas Tree is cut, pitch oozes out and seals the pores in the trunk. This can prevent the absorption of water needed to keep the tree from drying out. Unfortunately, most trees are sold this way, but not at Calloway’s or Cornelius!

christmas tree nursery

Before our trees are available to purchase, we give each tree a fresh cut and place them immediately in a tree stand for you! Giving your tree a fresh cut on its trunk helps the tree absorb more water and will keep your tree greener, longer.

christmas tree stands

We work with a team of professionals who can come and safely trim each Christmas Tree.

placing christmas trees in tree stands

They cut the trees one group at a time and each tree is placed securely in a tree stand.

placing christmas tree on pallet

When ready, the trees are moved to another pallet for easy transportation to get watered.

carrying trees to get watered



watering fresh cut christmas trees

Watering is extremely important to keeping your trees fresher longer and it is vital to the overall health of your living Christmas Tree.

watered living christmas trees

A Fresh Cut Christmas Tree can consume a gallon of water in 24 hours. That is why we keep all our Fresh Cut Christmas Trees in water until purchased.



living fresh cut christmas trees

After our trees are watered, they are moved to the correct shopping location and organized by style and size.

Each tree is tagged individually for easy shopping. They all have a perforated section with the barcode, price, and the other important information we need to know about your tree.

Once you find your perfect Fresh Cut Christmas Tree, we will remove the bottom portion of the tag to give to you to take it to the register. While completing the transaction, one of our team members will bag your tree and bring it to your car! Keep the bag for easy disposal after the holidays.



green christmas trees

We have a variety of styles and sizes of Fresh Cut Christmas Trees for you and your family to choose from.


noble fir christmas tree

Noble Firs are one of the largest Firs native to North America! This tall, full tree features a long trunk and cone-shaped top with distinct, almost horizontal branches. An excellent Christmas tree for decorating with lights and ornaments for its stiff branches and fullness. We harvest our Noble Firs from family farms in the Cascades to ensure the highest quality for your Christmas celebrations!

Our Noble Firs are available in sizes ranging from 6-7 ft up to 9-10 ft.


fraser fir christmas tree

With a rich, forest fragrance and soft needles, the Fraser Fir is an outstanding Christmas tree to have in your home for the holidays! Giving a classic Christmas tree look and rich green color, your home will carry the sights and scents of the holidays. We harvest our Fresh Cut Fraser Firs from family Christmas tree farms in the Smokey Mountains to ensure the highest quality for a lasting Fresh Cut Christmas Tree.

Our Fraser Firs are available in sizes ranging from 4-5 ft up to 8-9 ft.



tipped fresh christmas tree

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? It may not snow much in Texas, but your tree can sure look like it! Flocked and Tipped Fresh Cut Christmas Trees bring an elegance and grace to your Christmas décor. Pick up a pre-flocked or tipped selection or get your tree customized!

flocking christmas tree

To get that “fresh snow” look, our Christmas Trees are custom flocked right in our stores! Our trained professionals use allergen-free flock. Each tree is hand sprayed to ensure the best coverage.

What is the difference between a flocked and tipped Fresh Cut Christmas Tree?



full flocked christmas tree

Flocked Christmas Trees have a completely covered “fresh snow” look, just like the trees you would find up in the snowy mountains.

flocked christmas tree



tipped christmas tree

Tipped Fresh Cut Christmas Trees have a different look. Tipped varieties look like it just snowed with a heavier snow on the tops of the branches.

tipped fresh cut christmas tree


Watch how we flock a Fresh Cut Christmas Tree here:



noble fir

Caring for your tree will help it stay green and beautiful throughout the holidays. Place your tree in a cool and dry spot in your home. Avoid placing too close to your fireplace or a vent that will blow hot air on your Fresh Cut Christmas Tree to prevent your tree from drying out too quickly. Be sure to refill the tree stand with fresh water once your tree is home.

Water your tree regularly. Your tree will need more water and will drink it up faster when it first arrives to your home. Check the water levels in the morning and evening to make sure your tree has plenty to drink.

tree preservative

Use Tree Preservative to keep your tree healthy and fresh throughout the season. It reduces needle drop and keeps your tree greener, longer. It is formulated to soften tree fibers which allow better water absorption and adjusts the PH in your water to promote water uptake. Available at our store nearest you now!



flocked christmas trees

At Calloway’s and Cornelius, we have convenient ways to shop for your Fresh Cut Christmas Trees! Shop our open-air stores, shop online, or call our store nearest you and place an order over the phone for Curbside Pickup!

Questions about plant care, availability, or quantities of plants? Call our store nearest you! Our Texas Certified Nursery Professionals are here to help with your planting needs!

While supplies last! Pick up your Fresh Cut Christmas Tree now for the best selection available!





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