Texas-Friendly Flowers & Plants for a Dazzling Spring

Vibrant Flowers & Plants for the Texas Homeowner

Surround yourself with the blessings of this amazing season and discover spring showstoppers for your Texas home and garden. Explore the garden possibilities with new varieties and unique textures then have some fun bringing all that spring beauty home to enjoy.

Ready to grow? We are here to inspire you! Here are a few of our favorite must-have flowers and plants that will instantly transform your home and garden for a dazzling spring! Stop by your neighborhood Calloway’s and Cornelius today to explore our entire collection of gorgeous plants and spring flowers.



Emerald Colonnade® Holly Topiary

holly topiary

Add instant impact to your porch or patio with the bold foliage of Emerald Colonnade® Holly topiaries! These easy-care statement plants are ideal for busy homeowners and urban living because they thrive in containers. With proper care, this spring beauty will add architectural interest, dramatic form, and vibrant color throughout the year.

Emerald Colonnade® Holly Topiary

Emerald Colonnade® Holly is a lush and versatile evergreen. It has a natural pyramidal form, making it an excellent topiary specimen. This unique spring-blooming shrub produces small cream-colored flowers complemented by dense, glossy green foliage. One of the many benefits of growing Emerald Colonnade® Holly is its easy care. It adapts to a range of soils and can tolerate mild drought once established. Feed with Calloway’s Premium Tree & Shrub Plant Food at the time of planting or in early spring.




Create a tropical oasis with fast-growing unique flowering plants and bring home Bougainvillea! You’ll love the vibrant color and dramatic form. Bougainvillea is a tough, woody vine covered in bold foliage and unique blooms.

Bougainvillea blooms

Did you know the colorful, paper-like flowers aren’t actual flowers? They are called bracts which are modified leaves in shades of purple, orange, and red that house small white and yellow blooms.

Bougainvillea container garden

Bougainvillea is perfect for container gardening because it needs plenty of room to spread and grow. Pair with your favorite pottery or hanging basket for a spectacular show of gorgeous spring color. For the best blooms and fullest appearance, display your new treasure in an area that receives full sunlight, and only water when the potting mixture feels slightly dry. Bougainvillea is a hungry plant and requires regular fertilization for rich and full blooms throughout the growing season. Feed your plants as directed with Calloway’s Premium Tropical Plant Food.


Ginseng Ficus Bonsai

Ginseng Ficus Bonsai

For unique spring plants that are easy to grow in your home, try Ginseng Ficus Bonsai. If you are new to the Japanese art of Bonsai, this stylish statement plant is great for beginners. It will add distinct visual beauty, requiring minimal care, especially compared to other Bonsai varieties.

Ginseng Ficus

Your Ginseng Ficus Bonsai will add architectural interest to any space with its unique and dramatic form. The crown of bold foliage sits elegantly atop the elevated roots that swell into a thick trunk.

Ficus Bonsai

Maintain a humid environment with a daily misting and give your plant plenty of sun exposure by displaying it on a sunny windowsill. Bonsai plants draw very little nutrients from their soil, so it is important to replenish their supply occasionally. Feed as directed with Bonide® Houseplant Liquid Plant Food.




Are you craving vibrant color? Look no further than unique spring-blooming Primrose. They will add delightful pops of color with their diverse range of sizes, shapes, and vibrant blooms. In fact, they are prized for their delicate and colorful blooms, which come in many shades including pink, purple, blue, red, yellow, and white. Some of the flowers even have two or more colors.

primrose container

Primroses thrive in partial shade and moist soils, and they’re ideal for rock gardens, woodland areas, and indoor gardening. When planting outside, put them in a shady spot that receives some morning sun, and for indoor gardening, display them on a brightly lit windowsill. Primroses perform best in moderate to cooler temperatures. Growing these deer-resistant unique spring plants in your favorite pottery is ideal so you can easily move them to cooler spaces during times of extreme heat. Use Calloway’s Premium Container Potting Soil for a well-draining soil with adequate moisture retention.


Windmill Palm

windmill palm

For a fast-growing statement plant that will add drama to your garden, discover the dynamic Windmill Palm! Also known as Chinese Fan Palm, this must-have plant is one of the hardiest palm trees around and one of the few varieties that can survive freezing temperatures. The large size of the fan-like leaves and slender, brown-fibered trunk create an exciting focal point in any landscape design.

windmill palm tree

There are a few main requirements for growing Windmill Palms with success. They thrive in most soil conditions and are fantastic drought-tolerant statement plants for waterwise gardens. Plant in a sunny location and water weekly until established, making sure there is adequate drainage as Palms will not tolerate standing water. Keep your plants thriving with a slow-release fertilizer and feed twice a year with Espoma® Organic® Palm-tone Palm & Hibiscus Food.



unique spring plants

At Calloway’s and Cornelius, we are here to help make your spring gardening a success! Visit us today and explore our stunning collection of colorful spring blooms, stately trees and shrubs, stylish pottery, lush indoor plants, and so much more! Shop any of our 28 neighborhood stores, where we have served our loyal customers for over 35 years.

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