Bountiful Blue® Blueberries

Blueberries that are bountiful AND beautiful? Introducing Bountiful Blue®! Forget ordinary blueberries! This award-winner overflows with sweet, juicy berries all summer long, but the bounty doesn’t stop there. Vibrant blue-green foliage, the brightest among blueberries, makes a stunning statement in your landscape. Compact and easy-care, it thrives in small gardens, containers, or even hedges. Plus, it’s self-fertile and deer-resistant! Grow your own taste of summer and enjoy year-round visual interest with Bountiful Blue.


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Plant Height: 180 in.

Spread: 120 in.

Evergreen: No

Plant Form: Upright

Summer Foliage Color: Green

Minimum Sunlight: Full Sun

Maximum Sunlight: Full Sun

Beyond the delicious berries, Bountiful Blue Blueberry is an ornamental gem. Its striking blue-green foliage is the brightest among its kind, and the spring blooms boast delicate white with soft pink accents. Fall delivers a fiery transformation with stunning red leaves, while the compact, mounded shape makes it perfect for various landscaping uses. Don't miss the unique red flower buds and long-lasting appeal of this beauty that offers both visual impact and a taste of summer.

Bountiful Blue Blueberry isn't just delicious, it's a landscaping star! Compact and mounded, it fits perfectly in small spaces or containers, while its vibrant blue-green foliage (the brightest among blueberries!) adds year-round color. Delicate spring blooms and fiery fall foliage extend its visual interest, plus it attracts pollinators and is deer-resistant. Enjoy homegrown blueberries and stunning beauty with this low-maintenance gem! Remember, local experts can offer tailored advice for your garden.

Plant your Bountiful Blue Blueberries in fall or early spring for the best start. Pick a sunny spot with acidic, well-drained soil and space plants 3-4 feet apart. Water regularly, mulch well, and fertilize sparingly. Prune in late winter to encourage growth and airflow. Relax, and enjoy delicious berries and year-round beauty from your landscape superstar! Remember, your local Calloway's or Cornelius experts can offer specific advice for your garden.