Dracaena Art Bush

Dracaena Art has lustrous green leaves with yellow stripes on the margins of the leaves. This bush form Dracaena has a round shape and requires space.

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Species: Dracaena fragrans

Other Species Names: corn plant

Plant Height: 60 in.

Spread: 36 in.

Evergreen: No

Plant Form: Houseplant

Minimum Sunlight: Shade

Maximum Sunlight: Partial Shade

Dracaena Art is a popular houseplant has long arching dark green leaves with yellow margins. Excellent choice for homes or offices.

Dracaena Art will create an attractive focal point in any room, office or home. Upright growth habit makes it an ideal plant for corner areas.

Dracaena Art performs well in low to medium areas in your home. Allow soil to dry between waterings. Repot every 2-3 years with quality potting soil. Feed with water soluable fertilizer during spring and summer months.