Gerbera Daisy

A bloom that says “spring!” Gerbera Daisies are bright and cheerful flowers, adding beautiful button-nose, cute style to any garden. With a selection of cool and hot colors, Gerbera Daisies are well-loved for their versatility in landscaping and arrangements as a cut flower.

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Species: Jamesonii

Plant Height: 8 in.

Spread: 8 in.

Evergreen: No

Plant Form: Upright Spreading

Summer Foliage Color: Dark Green

Minimum Sunlight: Partial Shade

Maximum Sunlight: Full Sun

Big bold flowers that say “spring!” These wonderful blooms produce bright petals of color with brown eyes from spring through summer. Excellent to plant in containers or to use as a cut flower in arrangements. It’s oval, dark green leaves maintain their color throughout the season.

Gerbera Daisies can be an annual or a perennial depending upon the zone. Typically, in Texas it is treated as an annual, with an upright spreading growth. Its big blooms provide instant impact to flowerbeds and containers. Gerbera Daisies require occasional maintenance. Deadhead spent flowers to encourage more blooms.

These flowers grow best in full sun, but can tolerate partial shade. Can be grown in flowerbeds or containers. When planted, Gerbera Daisies should be spaced about 12 inches apart to allow for the spreading habit room to grow. These blooms grow fast and thrive during the spring and early summer months. Requires occasional watering.