Hawaiian Sunshine Dracaena

Dracaena Hawaiian Sunshine is a beautiful indoor plant that has bright green leaves with a lime green stripe down the center. This plant works well in areas with more space as it gets up to 5ft tall!

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Species: Dracaena Deremensis

Other Species Names: Dracaena Hawaiian Sunshine

Plant Height: 60 in.

Spread: 30 in.

Evergreen: No

Summer Foliage Color: Green with lime green stripe in center

Minimum Sunlight: Low Light

Maximum Sunlight: Medium Light

Hawaiian Sunshine Dracaenas work great in larger spaces indoors. With bright colorful leaves they will stand out and compliment any given area!

Hawaiian Sunshine Dracaenas work best indoors as they are not hardy in our cooler temperatures and cannot withstand direct sunlight. These plants get quite tall, making them an excellent choice in rooms that need an accent piece.

Hawaiian Sunshine Dracaenas get about 5ft in height and 2 1/2 ft in width, making them the perfect choice for areas with more room to grow.