Urban Living Guide: Great Color Garden Tips for Apartments

Apartment living has its perks. Gyms with no memberships, pools without the responsibility, and free home maintenance whenever something breaks, are a few of the many great amenities and why many people are choosing to live the urban life. While apartment living does have some limitations, bringing beautiful color gardens to your space is not one of them! Your patio or balcony is a blank canvas, ready for color and beauty. Make your own patio garden with these helpful tips!

apartment living

Creating your own urban or patio garden is fun and beautiful! You can make your garden stylish, practical or colorful in so many ways!


1. Hanging Baskets

color garden for apartments

Hanging baskets are a great asset to any apartment dweller. They work well in small spaces because, well, they hang. This eliminates wasting what limited patio space you do have. Creating a color garden with a hanging basket is so easy too!

hanging basket

First, many hanging baskets come pre-made and are already flowing with colorful blooms. All you have to do is hang it up!

Second, you can create your own hanging basket with the container and flowers of your choice or even experiment with plant selections like succulents, herbs, or grow juicy strawberries! Our Texas Certified Nursery Experts can help you create one in store!

2. Container Creations

container garden

Container creations are another great way to bring stunning blooms and impeccable color to your urban space. You have the freedom to be creative and experiment with different plants or blooms throughout the year. You can also express your style with fantastic pottery. Explore the many different shapes, colors, and styles that our pottery has to offer.

Container creations, traditionally, consist of flowers and greenery. Following the “Thriller, Filler, Spiller” technique is a great way to set up your floral presentation in an interesting display.

  • The “Thriller” plant is bold and eye-catching, like the beautiful caladiums shown below.
  • The “Filler” is normally utilized by fantastic greenery or even a groundcover plant, like moss rose, is great for filling the space while complementing the arrangement.
  • The “Spiller” plant flows over the edge of the container which will give your creation a complete, natural, and beautiful grace.


Using color schemes as a design tool when planting your container creation is another way to make an exceptional visual presentation.

  • Monochromatic color schemes are perfect for a formal and symmetrical elegance. To make a monochromatic color scheme, pair plants together that are within the same shades and tints of a single color.
  • Complementary color schemes start with pairing colors that are on the opposite spectrum of the color wheel, like red and green or purple and yellow. The unexpected color pairings make the most interesting container creations.
  • Polychromatic color schemes are another color option when deciding which plants to use in your container creation. Embrace the rainbow of colors that each season brings and re-create it in your container.

You can plant succulents, mix herbs with your colorful plants, or even plant some delicious berries or vegetables! The options are endless.

It is important to keep 3 things in mind when planting your urban garden:

  1. Be sure to use plants with similar light and watering requirements within the same container.
  2. Avoid overcrowding in containers – your plants need room to grow.
  3. Use quality potting soil like Calloway’s Premium Potting Soil that will keep your plants happy and maintain the moisture in the soil.
  4. Feed your plants. Our Texas Certified Nursery Professionals are always available at our stores to help assist you with the best food for your plants.

hanging baskets

Have fun and make your space as colorful as you wish! Check out our Garden Series this Saturday about Bountiful Blooms Perfect for Every Gardener from 10:15-11am!

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