Onion Slips

Onions are a kitchen staple and easy to grow! One of the first vegetables that you can harvest from your spring garden. Now is the time to plant! Each bundle contains between 50-75 plants. These short-day varieties will be ready approximately 105 days after planting.

Texas Super Sweet 1015Y: A sweet treat! This jumbo, yellow-skinned Onion can grow up to the size of a softball.
Southern Belle Red: An intense red color that grows with a wide, globe-like shape. One of the sweetest red Onions.
Texas Early White: A white onion with a great reputation for its ease of growth! Yields bulbs roughly 5-6 inches in diameter.

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Species: Allium cepa, Allium hybrid

Plant Height: Varies in.

Spread: 4-5 in.

Evergreen: No

Plant Form: Upright

Summer Foliage Color: Green

Minimum Sunlight: Full Sun

Maximum Sunlight: Full Sun

1015Y onions are a Texas favorite for their large size and sweet flavor. The 'Y' stands for Yellow, of course! Southern Belle Red Onions are a sweet red with an beautiful color. They mature to 4 inches and are more disease and bolt resistant than other varieties! Texas Early White onions have a large globe shaped and are easy to grow! They are also disease resistant.

1015Y onions should yield large 6 inch globe onions when grown in proper conditions. Southern Belle Red are flatter and may grow as large as 4 inches. Texas Early White onions can reach 6 inches at maturity.

Onions slips should be planted 3/4 inch deep and spaced to allow for maximum maturity. It is better to hand pull weeds through the season as onion roots may be damaged by tools. Onions need well draining soil and will grow best in full sunlight. Fertilize when onions have 5 to 6 leaves. From planting date, 1015Y, Texas Early White, and Southern Belle Red onions take 105-110 days to harvest. When the tops fall over, it is time to harvest. After they are pulled, leave them lying in the garden for 2 days to dry. Next, remove the tops and roots and let them continue to cure in a airy dry place.