Starfish Sansevieria

Light green fan shaped leaves. Same durable easy to grow as regular Sansevieria.

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Species: Sansevieria

Other Species Names: Sansevieria Cyindrica

Plant Height: 36 in.

Spread: 10-12 in.

Evergreen: No

Plant Form: Houseplants

Minimum Sunlight: Shade

Maximum Sunlight: Partial Shade

Starfish Sansevieria has light green foliage that can produce "pups" from the base that can be transplanted for new plants. Excellent choice for indoor use.

Starfish Sansevieria are easy to grow, as long as they are not overwatered and provided bright indirect light. Can be used as a patio plant. Must be protected during winter season.

Starfish Sansevieria require a potting mix with excellent drainage. Water only when soil is dry. Succulents generally store water in the leaves and overwatering may cause plant to rot.