All About Christmas Cactus

Christmas cacti

Are you searching for vibrant indoor blooms for the holidays? Discover the beaty of Christmas Cactus! This low-maintenance houseplant provides a profusion of colorful, long-lasting blooms throughout the holiday season and beyond. And they are an excellent choice for a holiday gift!



christmas cactus

Christmas Cactus, also known as Holiday Cactus, is a very popular indoor plant this time of year. Unlike traditional cacti, Christmas Cactus doesn’t originate from a hot, dry desert. In fact, it is an epiphytic succulent native to the tropical rainforests of southern Brazil, where they can be found growing on tree branches. They love the high humidity, filtered sunlight, and warm temperatures found in a rainforest.

easter cactus

There are three different types of Holiday Cacti; Easter Cactus, Thanksgiving Cactus, and Christmas Cactus. The main difference between these varieties is when they bloom. Their bloom time coincides with the holiday that is it named after. Thanksgiving and Christmas Cacti are members of the same genus, while Easter Cacti is in a different genus which grows in drier forests.

christmas cactus flowers

Christmas Cacti is a long-lived plant and can be propagated easily. It is known for its colorful, tubular-shaped flowers that come in shades of magenta. These plants generally bloom from late November through early February. When they bloom, the flowers will hang down, meanwhile Thanksgiving Cacti blooms grow outwards. Easter Cacti have bold, trumpet-shaped flowers with star-shaped petals. They open at sunrise and close at sunset.



These are not your typical cacti. Thus, they cannot tolerate the same dry conditions. Before planting, choose a container with a hole to help control drainage. This will keep the soil from getting too wet. They grow best in most potting mixes, especially blends for cacti such as, Calloway’s Premium Container Potting Soil or try Black Gold® Succulent & Cactus Potting Mix.

potting soil and plant food

Water every 2-3 weeks or when the top third of the soil feels dry to the touch. It is especially important to water well when the plant is flowering. Feed your plants with Calloway’s Premium Tropical Plant Food, as directed, to encourage continuous blooming.

Christmas Cacti prefer a humid environment. Occasional misting can help increase humidity if needed. Placing them in a bright bathroom or sunny kitchen is ideal. They prefer bright, indirect light throughout the day; avoid direct sunlight.



christmas cacti in pottery

Christmas Cacti are a wonderful holiday addition to your indoor spaces. Plus, they can even be used as an accent to your décor. Get in the spirit of the season and try pairing these gorgeous plants with green and red pottery! At Calloway’s and Cornelius, we have an extensive collection of premium pottery in various sizes, colors, and designs to match any style. Mix and match your favorite pottery to create an impressive display or for easy gifting!



christmas cactus in decorative pottery

Are you ready to get creative with a fun holiday craft? Gather your family and try this simple activity that will add an extra touch of personality to your home. Great for gifting to teachers, friends, and more, you will love this quick and easy creation!


how to make christmas tree pottery

  • Christmas Cactus
  • Calloway’s Premium Container Potting Soil
  • Terra Cotta Pottery
  • Craft Paint
  • Sponge
  • Paint Brush
  • Mod Podge® or Glue
  • Decorative Gems, Puff Balls, etc.


sponge and paint

First, with adult supervision, cut the sponge into a triangle. You can use one triangle for all parts of the tree or cut different sizes to add visual interest. Stamp the sponge into green craft paint and dab off any excess before applying.

christmas tree

Carefully, place the sponge onto your terra cotta pottery and create the different segments of your Christmas tree. You may have to repeat this process a couple times to fully define your tree.

painted christmas tree

Once complete, allow the paint to dry before moving onto the next step.


painted christmas tree with ornaments

Now, let’s have some fun! Make your Christmas tree your own masterpiece. You can use different colors of craft paint and small brush to add colorful dots that resemble ornaments. Add a star at the top and a trunk at the bottom to tie it all together.

painted christmas tree with gems

Another option is to bedazzle your tree with 3-D touches like gems or puff balls. Simply, apply a small amount of glue or Mod Podge® to your decorative elements. Place them carefully onto your tree and hold each piece for a few seconds to ensure it sticks. Some glue may show after placing, but it will dry clear. Allow everything to dry before adding your plants.


decorative christmas cactus

When your creations have dried, it is time to start planting! Fill your container with Calloway’s Premium Container Potting Soil, leaving room for the plant. Add your Christmas Cactus and water in completely until water spills out of the drain hole. Place within your holiday displays for a cute accent or gift to someone special.



christmas cactus in red pottery

At Calloway’s and Cornelius, we have everything you need to get ready for the holidays! Stop by and explore our entire holiday collection, seasonal plants, Christmas décor and more! Shop our neighborhood stores or shop online now!

Have questions? Ask our Texas Certified Nursery Professionals; they are here to help!




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