Easy DIY Succulent Pumpkin Centerpieces

Easy DIY Succulent Pumpkin Centerpieces

Make the most of the season and fill your home with stylish autumn accents! Impress your family and friends with a living pumpkin centerpiece topped with lush succulents. This sustainable fall decoration will transform your tabletops with beautiful color and texture all season long. Gather together with family and friends for this fun and easy fall craft and create your own succulent pumpkin centerpieces!



pumpkins with moss and succulents

Are you ready to be creative? This easy fall and Halloween décor idea will take your seasonal displays to a whole new level!


succulents and moss

  • Pumpkins & Gourds
  • Succulents
  • Super Moss® Preserved Moss
  • Hot Glue and Adhesive Spray
  • Garden Shears


First, select the proper pumpkins and gourds for your creation; choose pumpkins that have a flat top and no stem. This will help the moss stay in place and create a nice base for your succulents.

At Calloway’s and Cornelius, we have a vast collection of specialty pumpkins for fall decorating. Try the Cinderella Pumpkin, Fairytale Pumpkin, or Enchanted Pumpkin for their large size and flat tops.


Give your pumpkins a bath to help them last longer. Wash your pumpkins with a mild cleaning solution. You can use water and dish soap or water and vinegar. Water and vinegar will require one part vinegar to three parts of water for effective cleaning. Allow your pumpkins to soak for 30 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Set them out to dry completely before beginning your fall crafts.


moss on pumpkin

Next, apply spray adhesive to the top of the pumpkin and cover it with decorative moss. Press the moss into the top of the pumpkin, creating a layer that is at least ½ an inch thick. The succulents will start to grow roots into the moss over time.

glue moss to pumpkin

Experiment with the different colors of reindeer moss and explore unique ways to place it on your succulent pumpkin arrangement.


mini pumpkin and succulents

Once the moss is set, get your hot glue gun ready. You may also use clear craft glue to adhere the succulents to the moss, but it will take a bit longer to dry and secure in place.

succulent pumpkin ideas

Use your garden shears and take small cuttings from your succulents. Choose a variety of styles in different sizes and textures and carefully remove any lower leaves so you have an adequate stem for the glue. Add hot glue to the stems of your cuttings and tuck it into the moss.

succulent pumpkins crafts

Group the largest succulents in the middle and place smaller options around them. Experiment with trailing varieties such as String of Pearls for extra interest and drama.

Once everything is dry, your centerpiece is ready! Display on a decorative tray, add harvest corn or fall blooms or pair with your favorite fall tablecloth. This sustainable décor is ideal for pumpkin-spicing up your family gatherings and enhancing your Thanksgiving dinner décor. They even make for great hostess gifts!



Make your Halloween celebrations too cute to spook with succulent pumpkin centerpieces. Turn your fall crafts into eerie Halloween décor.


Choose autumn harvest pumpkins and gourds that scream “Halloween!”. Try Choga Choga Squash or Knucklehead Pumpkins for their bumpy skin and warty texture. Mini Midnight Pumpkins are also a fine choice for their dark coloring.

gourds with moss

Next, apply the SuperMoss®, but use unexpected colors like white and purple for the ultimate Halloween look.

string of pearls

For frightening flair, pair Haworthia with your other succulents. This small houseplant has interesting spikes covered in stripes of white that will truly elevate your Halloween décor.



  • Display in cool and covered areas outside or inside where they can receive filtered light.
  • Lightly spritz the succulents with water at the base of the stem once a week.



fall crafts

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