Fall Decorating Ideas for Your Texas Home

Fall Decorating Ideas for Your Texas Home

Are you ready to decorate your home for a beautiful fall season? Transform your Texas porches or patios with our fresh collection of Autumn Harvest goodies. From pumpkins and hay bales to garden mums and pansies, you can create inspiring displays with all your seasonal favorites.

front displays

Decorating for Halloween or creating a timeless fall look is easy! Step up your curb appeal and get your Texas home ready for a lovely season.

Need inspiration? Here are some helpful tips and design ideas to get you started.



Make your home too cute to spook with a festive display for Halloween! Welcome guests and trick-or-treaters with outdoor décor in orange, purple, and black hues.

Step One: Create the Base

First, create the base for your design as this will set the tone for the entire look. For your Halloween decorations, add eerie netting and spider webs to cover windows and doors for a haunted house feel. Then, add a decorative rug in a similar color scheme to tie everything together.

bales of straw

Next, create height for your display with bales of straw. You can mix sizes or use all the same sizes. Try stacking them in a pyramidal pattern for an interesting focal point.

Step Two: Add Plants

Once your base is set up and ready to go, add your plants! Choose stylish black pottery in various sizes and styles and pair it with fabulous fall color.


Create a spectacular outdoor Halloween display with the vibrant foliage of Crotons! This fall favorite is an easy-to-care-for plant that features large, glossy leaves in striking blends of red, yellow, and orange.

floral mum

Accent your Halloween decorations with the bold blooms of Floral Mums. The array of soft petals shines bright in a spectrum of autumn hues. Floral Mums are visually pleasing, and they thrive in container gardens inside your home or outdoors on covered patios or porches.

pansies in a container garden

Another way to add gorgeous seasonal color to your décor is to plant your own creation! Container gardening allows you to experiment with different blooms and foliage for extra texture and color.

Start with the proper soil selection and use Calloway’s Premium Container Potting Soil for continued growth and healthy root development. Fill your container with soil, leaving room for your plants.

fountain grass

Embellish your garden design with dynamic ornamental grasses. Try Hameln Dwarf Fountain Grass for its fine texture and gorgeous coppery-bronze fall color. This ornamental grass will be the focal point of your container garden. Place it in the center or near the back.


Next, fill in the areas around the ornamental grass with annual blooms! Try Matrix® Pansies in shades of orange and purple to keep with your theme. They are adored for their large fall flowers and consistent growth throughout the cooler season.

ornamental kale

Complete your Halloween container garden with Ornamental Cabbage and Kale. They are prized for their compact rosettes in rich colors of white, pink, and purple. They are low-maintenance and thrive during the cooler months. In fact, their leaves will become even more vibrant and colorful as temperatures drop!

Step Three: Arrange Pumpkins & Gourds

adding pumpkins

It’s pumpkin time! Start with your larger pumpkins and fill in empty areas of your Halloween display. Then, go in with medium-sized pumpkins and gourds, arranging them in stacks, leaning against your planters, or around your larger pumpkins.

pumpkins in display

For extra pizzazz, make your display stand out from the rest with small pumpkins and gourds. Their cuteness and colors complement their small size in a wonderful way.

Step Four: Complete with Metal Art & Décor


Complete your Halloween outdoor display with festive metal art from The Round Top Collection®! These versatile pieces have options to hang or stake in the ground.

metal art

They come in many sizes and styles to match your décor. Choose a scary spider or silly Jack O’ Lanterns for a friendly touch.

fall display with pumpkins

Your Halloween display is ready for visitors! Keep your plant tags for instant access to plant care tips and watering needs for your fall flowers and foliage.



Make your home feel cozy and inviting with a Texas-sized fall display! This simple fall porch or patio decorating idea will add trendy curb appeal and enhance your autumn celebrations! Choose warm tones of oranges, reds, and yellows for your seasonal decorating.

Step One: Create the Base

Establish your fall theme with the proper color scheme. Create the base of your design by adding a decorative rug in an orange and white flannel pattern. Line your walls or exterior windows with fabrics or curtains to make the area warm and welcoming.

hay bales

Experiment with the layout for your bales of straw. Try arranging the bottom layer in an L shape and keep the top bale in the center.

Step Two: Add Fall Flowers & Foliage

arranging fall flowers

Now it is time to add your plants! Place your potted plants around the straw bales. Choose neutral pottery in various sizes to allow your fall color to be the focal point of your design. We love the collection from Michael Carr Designs! The natural hues and elegant designs flow perfectly with any fall décor!

garden mums

Start with Garden Mums for perennial blooms and lasting color. They are a seasonal favorite to many gardeners because of their mounds of fall flowers in bright shades of purple, red, orange, yellow, and more!

ornamental grasses

Use pottery to display ornamental grass and let it be the star of its planter. Choose a taller container for your ornamental grass to add extra height and dimension to the overall look.

fall container garden

Create a fall-inspired container garden with Celosia, Matrix® Pansies, and herbs. Using the thriller, filler, spiller method, start with orange or red Celosia.


Celosia is a unique plant known for its bold plumes of feathery flowers. They add striking color to any landscape or container garden. This will be the thriller in your combination.


Next, add the filler plants in front of the Celosia. Try Matrix® Pansies and choose blooms in shades of yellow and red to maintain your color scheme.

creeping thyme

Complete your fall container garden with the spiller. Choose a variety with trailing growth such as Creeping Mother of Thyme.

Step Three: Add your Pumpkins & Gourds

fall display

After your plants are set, start adding your pumpkins by arranging them by size. Add the largest pumpkins first and fill in with medium and smaller-sized varieties.


Experiment with unique selections for a complete fall look like Turban Squash for its acorn shape and strong red coloring.

Step Four: Complete with Metal Art

pumpkin metal art

Complete your fall display with pumpkin metal art from The Round Top Collection®! These cute and classic styles will pumpkin-spice up your seasonal decorations!

seasonal decorations

Your fall display is ready to impress your friends and family! Gather together with a welcoming arrangement of seasonal beauty.



fall porch decorating ideas

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