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Creative Pinata Planter Ideas for Your Celebration

Pinata Planters for Your Fiesta

Liven up your fiesta with playful Pinata Planters and colorful spring flowers!

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How to Use Stylish Pottery for Your May Flowers

Gorgeous Pottery for Stylish Spring Blooms

Decorate your Texas garden with spring style and discover stunning pottery for your May flowers!

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Everyday Actions for a Healthy Earth Day

Be an Earth Day Hero: Take Action for a Greener World

Be an Earth Day Hero! Celebrate by taking action for a greener world.

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Tropical Color for your oasis

Tropical Color for Your Oasis

Transform your home into a tropical paradise with lush foliage and vibrant color.

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How to Grow Hydrangeas for Cosmic Color

How to Grow Hydrangeas for Cosmic Color

Discover totality cool blooms and plant Hydrangeas in your Texas home and garden for cosmic spring color.

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Spring Container Garden Ideas

The Ultimate Guide to Spring Container Gardening

Unleash spring color with vibrant container gardens! Discover how to instantly transform your Texas home with helpful container gardening tips and inspiration.

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DIY terrarium

Easy-Care Spring Terrarium Ideas

Decorate your home for the season and create spring-themed terrariums! Terrariums are easy to make and fun for the whole family.

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Adorable Container Designs for Your Sweetheart

Blooming Container Gardens for Valentine’s Day

Let love bloom! Create adorable container designs to complete your Valentine’s Day décor.

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winter flowers

February Flowers for Your Texas Home & Garden

Make February extra colorful with lasting blooms for your Texas home and garden.

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Revitalizing Your Texas Garden post-freeze

Revitalizing your Texas Garden Post-Freeze

Nurturing your Texas garden back to life post-freeze is easy! Here are the best practices for rehabilitating your plants and what to do next.

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how to grow an edible wonderland

How to Grow an Edible Wonderland

Transform your container gardens into an edible wonderland with fresh herbs and tasty berries!

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gardening resolutions

5 Easy New Year’s Resolutions for Gardeners

Make a New Year’s resolution that you can keep and put gardening at the top of your list! Here are 5 easy ways to achieve your goals in 2024.

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