How-To Make Fantastic Football Planters For The Big Game

Living in Texas, we can all agree that football is more than a sport. To some, football is a season, like spring, winter, summer, or fall, and its main holiday celebration is the big game! Make your game watching party extra special for all of your family and friends with fantastic football planters! They are so simple and cute, not to mention easy to make!


First, gather your supplies. Stop by a Calloway’s or Cornelius near you to find everything you need!

  • Plants

    • For an outdoor selection, we chose Matrix® Pansies in various colors and Dusty Miller plants. These plants love sunlight and cool weather.
    • For an indoor option, we are using a fern for the fun texture, and low-maintenance care.


  •  Terra cotta Pottery in various sizes


potting soil

  • White Paint Pens

crafting with plants


Grab your paint pens and pottery. Start drawing your football laces on each item. We used a thicker paint pen on the larger pot for easier coverage.

football planters

Once your laces are complete, let them dry for a few minutes before you start planting.


Time to plant! We created our outdoor arrangement in the larger pot. First, fill your pottery with our Calloway’s Premium Potting Soil, making sure to leave room for the plants.

Add in your Matrix® Pansies and the remaining plants. Set the plants, adding more soil if needed, and water them in.

football planter

For our indoor option, repeat the same steps and add your fern. Add more soil if needed and water the plant.

decorate with plants

There you have it! Your fantastic football planters are ready to party!

DIY planters

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