How-To Decorate Your Space with Air Plants

Bringing plants into your home and maintaining them doesn’t have to be intimidating! Whether you are an expert gardener or new to the scene, we have the perfect plant for you and your next indoor garden adventure. Air Plants, also known as Tillandsia, are striking houseplants that can grow pretty much anywhere. Air Plants are extremely low-maintenance and trendy; they are sure to give your space that extra touch of style and pop of color.

We put together a couple different ways to display and decorate with your plants. Each set-up we are showing today will take no more than 5 minutes to put together.

The visual impact will not disappoint. Let’s have some fun and start creating!

How-To Decorate Your Space with Air Plants


First, gather your supplies. Stop by a Calloway’s or Cornelius near you to pick up your stones, pottery, and of course, Air Plants!

air plants

Get creative! Experiment with different containers, stones, even colorful sands.


air plants DIY

For our first set up, we will be using stones and some of our fantastic pottery.

pottery exotic glass

Simply, fill the container with the stones.


Get 1-3 Air Plants (depending on size) and arrange them on top of the stones until it looks to your liking.

decorating with air plants


For our second set up, we will be using 2-3 Air Plants, 1 small terra cotta pot, and 2 terra cotta saucers.

terra cotta pottery

Place your small terra cotta pot upside down on the larger saucer.


Figure out where you want to place it and secure the pot with the help of your glue gun.

hot glue gun

Once the pot is set, get the other saucer and place it on top. Keep the saucer right side up so that it can hold your Air Plants. Glue the saucer to the pot to secure it.

DIY crafting

Finally, place your Air Plants how you want them! You can put a dab of hot glue to secure your plant if needed.

Now, you have yourself a simple and fabulous piece of art!

air plants


For our final set up, we are using 2-3 Air Plants, various colors of sand, and a glass container. You can use whatever you have at home, whether it’s a candle holder, a glass, anything you want to properly display your creation!

glass containers

Once your select your container, start with your sand.

sand DIY projects

Layer the colors and embrace the natural wavy pattern it makes.

crafting with air plants

Leave about 2 inches of space from the top of the container to house your Air Plants.


You now have a fantastic piece to display in your home, apartment, dorm, or office!

Place your designs together or add touches of color throughout your space.

decorating with air plants


It is important to care for your Air Plants, while they are extremely low maintenance; they do still need filtered light and water. You can mist your Air Plants with water about 2 times a week to keep them fresh and happy.

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