How to Grow a Rainbow Garden

rainbow gardening

Spring is all about sunshine and rainbows! It is that wonderful time of year when our Texas lawns become lush and green, the trees are full, flowers are blooming, and the sky radiates in luminous blue. Winter is in the past, making way for all the colorful hues that this wonderful season has to offer. At Calloway’s and Cornelius, we love spring! Our stores are filled with every color of the rainbow from fabulous spring plants to colorful pottery. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the season and create your own rainbow flower garden.


Add a Pop of Color to Your Garden with a Rainbow Palette

Rainbows are one of nature’s most beautiful gifts. They hold deep significance to many and are an important symbol across many cultures. Rainbows are a sign of hope, mercy, new beginnings, and transformation. They serve as a message of acceptance and can even bring good luck! Each color within a rainbow has a special meaning too.

Revitalize your Texas landscape this spring with a rainbow garden. Planting a rainbow garden is easy, and it all begins with fabulous seasonal color! Here are a few of the best flowers for a rainbow garden.


red plants

Red is the first color in the arc of a rainbow because it has the longest wavelength of all the colors. Red symbolizes vibrancy, energy, passion, and security. It is a strong color that always captures our attention. Make a powerful statement in your landscape design or patio displays with fantastic red blooms.


Plant for the sun and explore the magic of Salvia. It has scarlet-red showy spikes that Hummingbirds love. Salvia is heat and drought tolerant and will thrive in your Texas garden.

ornamental peppers

Ornamental Peppers are striking with a tropical appeal. They are easy to care for and you can expect the vibrant ornamental fruit from mid-spring through the fall. Ornamental Peppers have bushy, glossy foliage with mini peppers that change colors as they ripen.

gerbera daisy

Gerbera Daisy is one of the best flowers for a rainbow garden. These classic blooms are quintessential for spring. They come in bright and cheerful colors to make an instant impact in flowerbeds and container gardens.

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yellow and orange PLANTS

Orange and yellow are the next two colors on the spectrum. They are bright and warm hues that represent happiness. Orange supports strength and perseverance while yellow provokes inspired energy. When starting a new project, adding orange and yellow to the mix will inspire you to be more creative and successful.

zinnias and marigolds

Grow a rainbow with Zinnias and Marigolds. These adorable blooms love the sun and are a favorite to beneficial pollinators. They have low-maintenance blooms that come in many lively shades that will shine in your landscape. Zinnias are prolific bloomers that are heat and drought tolerant. Marigolds are lightly fragrant blooms that will provide long-lasting color in your Texas garden.

blanket flower

For a perennial touch that will provide gorgeous color year after year, try planting a rainbow garden with Blanket Flower. It has masses of beautiful orange and yellow flowers that attract bees and butterflies. Blanket Flower thrives in full sun and is fast growing.


Lantana is a rainbow flower garden all on its own! It has clusters of flowers in a variety of bright colors. Lantana provides non-stop blooms that are great for attracting pollinators such as butterflies and bees and it is low-maintenance and adaptable to both dry and moist growing conditions.


green plants

Green is the color of life. It is a refreshing color and one of our favorites! Green symbolizes growth and renewal, which is abundant in spring. It is more commonly linked to nature and living naturally. Green supports good health, recycling, and sustainability. Go green in your rainbow garden with stunning texture and a gradient of green plants!


Bring a refreshing taste to your garden with a delicious variety of herbs! Herbs are great rainbow garden plants for all seasons. They provide a wonderful fragrance and stunning foliage to any Texas garden, and they can also grow indoors on a sunny windowsill. They are very versatile because they thrive in gardens, flowerbeds, and containers. Try Mint for its oval leaves and upright growth or Oregano for its mild aroma and drought tolerance.


For a lively green accent, plant Lemon Coral® Sedum from Proven Winners® in your rainbow flower garden. It is a hardy succulent with a mounding trailing habit. It is easy to care for and thrives in full to part sun.


Get ahead of our warm weather pests such as Mosquitoes with Citrosa. This stately plant is one of the most popular perennials for this time of year because it is a natural insect repellent. It has interesting, fern-like, and fragrant leaves that smell just like citronella.



Blue and purple are at the cooler end of the rainbow spectrum. Blue represents peace, relaxation, and stability. It is a popular color with many healing and comforting properties. Purple is one of the most loved colors in the rainbow. It is associated with individuality and selflessness, and it inspires creativity and imagination.


Serena® Blue Angelonia is also known as the Summer Snapdragon because of its upright shape and delicate blooms. This sun-loving plant makes for excellent cut flowers and is a great choice for attracting butterflies to your garden.


Artist® Blue Ageratum from Proven Winners® is a unique bloom that will add texture to your rainbow flower garden. It is heat tolerant and produces small, tufted flowers in the spring and summer.

wishbone flower

Torenia or Wishbone Flower is an exotic bloom in bright and vivid colors. It has tubular flowers with violet edges and small, fragrant green leaves and it is a good choice for attracting bees and hummingbirds to your yard.


Add distinctive color to your rainbow flower garden with Calibrachoa. A prolific bloomer, Calibrachoa is the ideal plant to add a splash of color in hanging baskets, containers, and flowerbeds, especially in areas that allow it to cascade.


Designing and Cultivating Your Own Rainbow Garden

Planting a rainbow garden is an easy process that will spark your imagination and creativity. Plus, it will make a strong visual impact in your landscape or patio displays. There are many different rainbow garden ideas and directions that you can take. Starting your rainbow flower garden is just like any other garden design. Mix perennials and annuals while keeping a color scheme in mind. Here are a few rainbow garden ideas to help inspire you!


container garden display

Whether you have limited space for a flower garden or enjoy the option of versatility, try creating a rainbow container garden! You can display and move container gardens wherever you wish and as often as you like. Spruce up your porches or walkways with a rainbow color scheme. Pair your plants with colorful pottery to really make your customized rainbow shine. At Calloway’s and Cornelius, we have a vast selection of premium pottery available in many sizes, colors, and styles for all your gardening needs. Try lightweight modern plastic pottery from Bloem® and update your patios with retro ceramic pottery in glossy, bold hues. Display your garden rainbow in the classic ROY G BIV order or mix it up however you’d like.

container gardens

When planting in containers, use Calloway’s Premium Container Potting Soil for results that you will love. Our potting soil contains essential ingredients to help your plants get the best start for healthier, continued growth.


rainbow flower garden

Turn your flower garden into a rainbow with a mass planting. Select your plants that grow well in that area and have similar water requirements. Create stripes of color with blooms or create an artistic design with large groupings of the same plant, in the same color. This will make your flowerbed pop and up your curb appeal.

rainbow mass plantings

When planting flowerbeds, use Calloway’s Premium Flowerbed Garden Soil to provide optimal conditions for vibrant blooms.

flower food

Remember to pick up Calloway’s Premium Flower Food! Our Premium Flower Food is ideal for all blooming flowers! Use on new plants, established beds, container gardens, and hanging baskets.



how to grow a rainbow

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