3 Tips for Keeping your Poinsettias Beautiful

The holidays are here and the Christmas carols are already echoing from our radios. This is the season for coming together as families and friends to share special moments and create wonderful memories. This is also the season to enjoy stunning Poinsettias! They are the perfect complement to any Christmas décor, not to mention they are simply beautiful and easy to care for. Here are 3 tips for keeping your Poinsettias happy and healthy throughout the holiday season and on!

3 Tips for Keeping Your Poinsettias Beautiful



Poinsettias, like some of us, enjoy our homes to be warmer during the day and cooler during the night.  Ideally, the temperatures that are best for poinsettias are 65-75 degrees F during the day and about 60 degrees F at night. Finding a balance close to these temperatures will work for your plants and keep them happy. Avoid placing your plants where cold air or hot air is blasting on their leaves.



Poinsettias are a tropical plant, therefore, they crave sunlight. Place your plants near (but not next to) a window that is south, east, or west-facing. They enjoy as much sunlight as possible, but avoid placing them directly next to a window that becomes overly hot throughout the day and avoid placing the plants where it touches cold windows.


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Proper watering is the key to any plant’s health. You do not want your Poinsettias to dry out or be overly watered. When you first purchase your plants, it is a good idea to remove your plant from decorative foil and give it a good drink. Allow the water to soak through the plant and it’s roots before returning it to the decorative coverings. From then, water your plant about 1 time a week. The best rule of thumb is to check the moisture level in the soil. If the soil is slightly moist to the touch, then it’s good to go. If the soil feels dry, then watering is needed. If your home is dry, watering may be needed more frequently, as Poinsettias love humidity.

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Maintaining your Poinsettias is simple. If you ever have any questions about how to care for your Poinsettias or any plant, our Texas Certified Nursery Professionals are available at our store nearest you to help!

Also, 10% of all Poinsettia sales will be donated to Lena Pope in their efforts to help children get the best possible start in life!

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