Maintain Your Garden in the Texas Heat

We can all feel that Texas sunshine. Have no fear; summer is a perfect time to pick up lovely color for your garden. With heat loving blooms, your containers and flowerbeds can persevere through these triple digit temperatures and beyond!

Our Marketing Director, Kimberley Gotcher, joined Good Morning Texas to discuss some of the great plant options for your garden this summer.

First: Great gardens start with fantastic plants

Give your garden the gift of summer color. Quality, heat loving plants are just what you need this summer.

We have great annual and perennial options for your garden. Annuals add glamorous blooms and will last through the season. Perennials add texture and color and with adequate care, will return next season. Adding both options to your landscape will help give your garden color all year long.

Cora® Vinca is the best plant for any Texas summer. They love the heat and truly thrive during this time of year.

Lantana adds a zest of color and style to any container or flowerbed. They are relatively low-maintenance and attract butterflies to your garden!

Angelonia is an annual with masses of beautiful peaks of color rising above the foliage from late spring to late summer. They create a wonderful texture that sets it apart from other plants in your garden.

If you are looking for a perennial option, Coneflower is perfect for your summer garden. They are colorful, relatively low-maintenance, and under ideal conditions, will keep coming back every year. Hummingbirds and butterflies love these plants and are the perfect addition to your landscape for attracting these pollinators to your garden.

For more ideas, check out our infographic and learn more about the best sun-loving plants for your summer garden here!

All of our heat-loving plants are fantastic in either a flowerbed or container. Show off your pottery and compliment your landscape with dazzling color.

Staying indoors? Pick up some succulents or some houseplants! They are low-maintenance, beneficial, and lovely. With little watering needed, these beauties will perk up any space. Give them a nice sunny spot in your home and you are good to go.

Second: Give your plants the proper food and soil

At Calloway’s and Cornelius, we have fantastic fertilizers formulated specifically for you and your Texas garden. We take pride in the quality and ingredients in our plant foods.

Check out all of our plant foods here!

Going organic? Try our amazing Calloway’s Organic and Natural Fertilizer. It’s wonderful for all parts of your landscape, from your lawn to your vegetables to your shrubs and flowers.

When updating your flowerbeds or container gardens, give your plants the best with superior soil. Our Premium Potting Soil or Flower Bed Mix regulate the water in your soil and keeps your plant and its roots hydrated while providing minerals and other ingredients to maintain healthy and lasting blooms.

Don’t forget to top off your flowerbeds with our top-quality mulches to protect your plant and their roots from the strong Texas sun.

Stop by our store nearest you to pick up everything you need for your summer garden!


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