Revitalize Your Texas Lawn for Fall: Expert Advice and Techniques

Texas Lawn Recovery

Did the summer heat take a toll on your Texas lawn? Don’t sweat it! Start your fall grass rehabilitation and revitalize your yard for a lush and beautiful season.

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A little effort towards repairing summer-stressed lawns can bring your grass back to life for the fall. Act now because autumn is about spending time with family and friends, having fun, and enjoying the nice weather outdoors.

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Fall will be here before we know it! Make it a time to remember by transforming your Texas lawn with these expert-advised tips and techniques.



Dealing with Weeds & Disease

weed control

Our Texas lawns are feeling the effects from the extreme heat and drought, but the unwelcome weeds seem to be thriving. You don’t have to be a gardening expert to know how weeds can be harmful to your turf and can impact the overall look of your entire landscape.

Weeds can be extremely destructive, soaking up all necessary nutrients and taking over any space for healthy grass to grow – leaving your plants to struggle. They can spread quickly with various textures, colors, and levels of aggressiveness. Take advantage of the current conditions and start your summer lawn recovery by tackling these pesky weeds.

weeding tool

Remove established weeds with hand tools. Our quality weeders and cultivators are extremely helpful for getting deep into the soil and removing weeds at their roots. Try the Truper Weeder for its sturdy handle and V-shaped blade to ensure easy and effective weeding.

weed control sprays

Stop weeds at their roots with ready-to-use sprays from Bonide®. These effective sprays are designed to control established weeds without harming your lawn.

  • Bonide® Weed Beater Southern Lawns is easy to use and will provide excellent results for controlling over 120 broadleaf weeds. In just one application, the unique formula will start working, and within a few days, you will begin to see visible signs of leaf curl. It is safe to use on a variety of warm-season grasses including St. Augustine, Bahia, Bent, Bermuda, Centipede & Zoysia.
  • Bonide® Weed Beater® Ultra is effective on over 200 hard-to-kill weeds. It is rainfast once dried with a proven warm and cool weather performance. Use as directed and enjoy visible results in just 24 hours.
  • Bonide® Captain Jack’s™ LawnWeed Brew offers selective control of weeds, disease, moss, algae, and lichens in lawns. The active ingredient is naturally derived from iron that works quickly, as dying weeds can be seen within hours of the application.

bonide weed beater complete

Another important step in your fall lawn maintenance is to apply pre- and post-emergent control. Now is the ideal time for a pre-emergent and you can continue your applications, as directed, through October 15th.

Tackle established weeds and prevent new weeds from germinating with Bonide® Weed Beater Complete. The powerful granular formula and unique blend of active ingredients provide long-lasting control, ensuring your lawn remains healthy and weed-free. Apply to a damp or moist turf, then come back 48 hours later and water in to provide extended protection from future weed development.

corn meal gluten

For a natural approach to your summer lawn recovery, try Nature’s Creation® Prevent Corn Gluten Meal. Its natural pre-emergent herbicidal properties prevent the germination of broadleaf weeds, and annual and perennial grasses.

infuse lawn and landscape

After you treat those pesky weeds, examine your lawn for signs of fungus or disease. Look for discoloration or large brown spots that are discolored or irregular in shape. Prevent and control harmful turf diseases with a systematic fungicide. Try Bonide® Infuse™ Lawn & Landscape, available in granular and ready-to-spray formulas. This effective solution battles tough-to-control plant diseases, including soil-borne pathogens of bedding plants, trees, shrubs, and more!


Mowing Tips to Revive Your Texas Lawn

Summer conditions may have stunted the growth of your summer lawn, weakening its ability to hold moisture and nutrients. Proper mowing techniques are crucial in your after-summer turf care.

mowing lawn

For a good rule of thumb, if your grass is growing, continue to mow. Make sure your lawn is mowed to the recommended height for your type of turf and avoid removing more than 30% of the leaf blade. If you cut your grass too short, it can create added stress, making it less tolerant of drought. Slightly raising the mowing height can help reduce some of the strain on your lawn. If your lawn isn’t growing, discontinue mowing.


Strategies for Fall Fertilization

spreading fertilizer

Should you fertilize your lawn at the end of summer? Yes! Post-summer lawn care should help replenish and revitalize your turf and its root system. Hot conditions and lack of consistent rain can deplete your grass of its nutrients. Feeding it now can allow more time for your lawn to store up what it needs to be better equipped for healthy, continued growth.

my soil test kit

Before initiating your lawn food regime, pick up a MySoil® Test Kit at your local Calloway’s and Cornelius to test your soil and discover what your lawn truly needs to thrive. MySoil® is the most accurate and easy-to-use professional soil test kit available. The results are available in 6-8 days, providing you with organic and synthetic fertilizer recommendations tailored for your soil.

lawn foods

Get your Texas lawn ready for fall with quality nourishment. Start feeding your lawns when temperatures begin to drop and stay under 100 degrees. Use a turf fertilizer that was designed with your Texas lawns in mind.

  • Calloway’s Premium Lawn Food is preferred for new lawns that have been fed less than three times. Our 21-5-10 formula provides triple controlled-release nitrogen, trace elements, and iron. These nutrients work together to establish strong roots with lasting, green color. The slow-release cycle assures season-long feeding that will last weeks beyond most other fertilizers.
  • Calloway’s Premium Lawn Food Phosphorus Free is the ideal fertilizer for established lawns, made with extra iron to create a deep green color. The 21-0-0 formula contains triple controlled release nitrogen, as well as vital iron and micronutrients. It was carefully developed by Calloway’s Nursery Professionals according to the exacting standards of Texas A&M AgriLife Earth-Kind® recommendations.

lawn and garden food

  • Feed your landscape naturally with Calloway’s Natural Lawn & Garden Food! The 10-3-1 formula contains nitrogen, phosphate, and soluble potash to help produce better results for your lawn. It also contains COFFEE-K™, an activated organic matter product made with GeoJava’s™ real coffee grounds. This increases soil organic matter and provides beneficial fungi and bacteria. It also promotes organic chelation of iron which allows your lawn to absorb iron better giving it a deep, rich green color. As the name implies, it is good for your flowerbeds too!

hasta gro lawn foods

  • Need a quick green-up? Try Medina® Hasta Gro Lawn. The convenient, ready-to-spray formula is like getting a lawn care kit in a bottle! It is quick and effective, as the nutrients are absorbed by the leaves within minutes.


Optimizing Watering Practices for a Healthy Fall Lawn


Watering quality and frequency are essential to maintaining a healthy lawn. While we are currently under water restrictions, there are a few ways that you can effectively provide moisture to your turf and avoid any waste.

Water in the early morning or early evening, on the days allowed by your city’s guidelines. When you water during the hottest parts of the day, it evaporates before your lawn has the chance to absorb it. Avoid watering late at night, as this creates the perfect environment for mold, mildew, and fungus to thrive.

watering tools

Lawns should receive about 1 inch per week of water. Watering deeply and less frequently is better for the root system than a light, daily watering. It allows the moisture to get down deep into the roots, helping them grow stronger and deeper.

Need watering tools? Stop by today! We have a premium selection of hoses, soaker hoses, sprinklers, and so much more!



At Calloway’s and Cornelius, we have everything you need to revitalize your Texas lawn! Visit us today and explore our entire collection of lawn foods, weed control solutions, watering tools, and so much more! Shop one of our 28 neighborhood stores, serving our loyal customers for over 35 years.

Have questions? Ask our Texas Certified Nursery Professionals; they are here to help!





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