2019 Gardening Trends: Silence of the Insects

beeThis year, the horticulture industry is trending back to the “roots” of gardening with simple concepts for novices and green thumbs alike. One of these top trends is all about the “Silence of the Insects”.

This 2019 gardening trend supports and encourages our flying insect friends to thrive in a safe and welcoming environment. Designing an insect-friendly garden will help attract beneficial pollinators to your yard and aid in the support of our ecosystem.

Silence of the Insects

Just think, what if we didn’t have any insects? Some would cheer, some would cry, but we all would be subjects to the consequences. Flying insects support the ecosystem all around the world, and within our yards. They eliminate pests, encourage beautiful blooms every spring, and keep our world buzzing along.

Our butterflies and bees need a place to rest and prepare for their tasks of the day. We need to give them support so that they can perform and do their jobs. Today, we will talk about different ways to support our flying friends.

Home is Where the Heart is

beneficial bugs

After a long, productive day, coming home to relax and unwind is good for the body and soul. Butterflies, bees, and all beneficial insects need to rest as well. Give them a place to have shelter and nest.

We have a selection of homes for our beneficial pollinators from Evergreen® that provide a save haven for rest and recharging.

Butterfly Homes

butterfly house

Butterflies need a place to hibernate during the winter months. These cozy bungalows mimic their natural habitat and provide adequate shelter.

Bee Homes

bee house

Bee homes are designed to mimic the insect holes and woodpecker drillings that native bees are naturally drawn to. With many different shapes and styles, you can find what works for your landscape.


From homes for bees to other insects and pollinators like bats, ladybugs, and more, you will find what home will fit for your home and you can help support our beneficial bugs and pollinators!

Plants that Attract

Encourage pollination by planting! Choose plants that attract pollinators to your garden.


Lavender serves many purposes. From its culinary benefits to its delightful fragrance, Lavender deters mosquitoes while attracting bees to your landscape. Lavender is a beautiful, low-maintenance plant with its purple blooms and delicate foliage. It’s a fantastic choice for your Texas garden.


Choose Salvia for your garden for its vibrant and bright blooms. With masses of tubular flowers rising above the green foliage, this stunner loves the sunlight and is relatively low maintenance. Salvia is a fantastic choice for attracting bees and butterflies to your yard due to the high volume of nectar Salvia produces.


plants to attract pollinators

Zinnias come in a variety of boldly colored blooms with bright yellow centers. With daisy-like petals, these flowers add a dynamic and playful texture and will dazzle in any flowerbed or container. Butterflies love Zinnias and are a fantastic choice for attracting these beautiful creatures to your yard!


Chives are not only a flavorful addition for your garden but are a great option for attracting bees! Bees love the purple blooms that chives develop so keep the blooms as long as you can for pollinators to enjoy!


Want to enjoy the beauty and grace of butterflies? Plant Parsley! Parsley is a fantastic herb that serves as a host plant for butterfly larva. Supporting butterflies with proper nourishment and shelter will help them thrive in your garden!

African Daisy or Gerbera Daisy


There is something so darling about a daisy. The delicate petals and vibrant colors are just a few features that make daisies a household favorite. Most varieties of daisy are a favorite for bees and butterflies because of their delicious, nectar-producing flowers.

There are so many plants to choose from to attract all different kinds of pollinators to your garden. Figure out what you want to attract to your yard for an easier selection process. Provide a place for shelter, a water source, and of course, plants to support our beneficial insects.

Remember to feed your garden the organic way with Calloway’s Natural Garden Food!

Check out our blog to learn more about attracting pollinators to your garden and how to make the perfect container creation, overflowing with plants that they love! Stop by our store nearest you for all your insect-gardening needs! Have more questions? Ask our Texas Certified Nursery Professionals available at every store location!




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