Gardening 101: Vegetables To Plant in April

It’s April and the warm breeze of spring is a welcomed reminder. Hopefully, you can get outside and take in the season! As we all know, spring is the ideal time for planting, especially your vegetables! Today, we wanted to tell you about some vegetable selections that are perfect to plant in April.

Gardening 101: Vegetables To Plant in April


First, and most importantly, where are you planting your vegetables?

There are a few key factors to keep in mind:

  1. How much sunlight does the area receive?
  2. Is there access to water or a watering device?
  3. Are you planting a container garden or in your flowerbeds?

Once you have a good grasp on these factors, this will help you determine what you want to plant, will in fact grow successfully.

There are 3 important things to do to your new plants before planting.

  1. Prep your soil with organic compost.
  2. Spacing is crucial. Make sure your plants have room to grow.


There are so many great options that we have in store right now. Let’s talk about a few of our favorites to plant this month!


BHN 444 Tomato


BHN 444 Tomato is a large and in charge tomato that is not only disease-resistant, but also, very tasty! The 444 tomato originated from Peru and takes about 75 days to mature. It is known as a determinate tomato which means it is known as a “bush” tomato that grows to a compact height and the fruit generally matures all at once.

Indeterminate tomatoes are more of a vining plant that needs a cage or stake to support it. Also, the fruits mature throughout the season instead of all at once.

Patio Tomato

patio tomatoe

Patio tomatoes are perfect for patios or small space gardening. They take about 70 days to mature and are determinate in nature. This “cage free” tomato can grow fruitfully without the extra needed support and will produce delicious and juicy, medium-sized fruits!

Roma Plum Tomato


Roma Plum Tomatoes are classic and tasty. They take 75-80 days to mature and produce large, egg shaped fruit. This plant can grow to 48-60 inches in height and is disease resistant! Did you know that Roma Tomatoes are a great choice for canning and producing tomato paste? This is due to their firm nature.


Super Supreme Banana Pepper

vegetable garden

The Super Supreme Banana Pepper produces a high yield of large fruit and takes about 70 days to mature. Resembling a banana by the shape and color, the sweet and mild taste of a banana pepper compliments any type of culinary dish. After picking, it can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.

Anaheim Pepper


Anaheim Peppers are a disease resistant fruit that takes about 75-80 days to mature. Originally from New Mexico, this pepper flourished when it was brought to the city it was named after, Anaheim, California. Perfect for grilling, chili relleno, stews, soups, and salsa!

Tabasco Pepper

gardening tips

Not to be confused with the brand, these peppers were named after the Mexican state of Tabasco. This vining or indeterminate fruit takes about 80-85 days to mature and bears a large yield of small, spicy fruit. As the fruit develops, the peppers change color from green to orange and then red. Did you know, a jalapeno pepper is about 12 times hotter than a tabasco pepper?


Classic Eggplant


The classic eggplant takes 50-70 days to mature, and grows large, purple fruit about 6-8 inches in length. Eggplants are not only delicious to harvest, but they also work as an ornamental plant. This variety is vigorous and highly productive.

Ichiban Eggplant


Ichiban eggplants are a Japanese eggplant. They take 50-60 days to mature with a high crop yield of purple fruit, each ranging in size from 8-10 inches long. This eggplant has a thin and delicate skin with a sweeter taste. Practically seedless, the Ichiban eggplant is also low in calories, saturated fat, and even sodium. It’s a high source of dietary fiber and packed with vitamin c, folate, potassium, and more!

Check out our video to learn more about your April veggies and stop by our store nearest you to pick up your vegetable plants, soils, food and more. You too can enjoy the fruits of your labor!