Tips for Decorating Your Yard

Decorating your landscape for the season is always fun, especially with fresh color and plants. Give your home that extra touch of style and charm with our selection of garden décor! Check out our tips of some great options that are in stores now!

Tips for Decorating Your Yard


garden decor

Add elegance and the soothing sounds of our wind chimes from Corinthian Bells® and more! Available in many different sizes, styles, and colors, you are sure to find the perfect one for you.

Corinthian Bells® are not your ordinary wind chimes. They are the first generation of wind chimes to combine excellence in design with incredible tones and resonance. These are visually and acoustically exceptional chimes, with a classic look and a sound that is heavenly. The centrally suspended aluminum tubes, along with the high density striker, give these chimes their outstanding tone.

We even have fantastic varieties that have solar power capabilities with accents of beautiful stones and glamorous blown glass.

wind chimes

You will fall in love with the perfect melodies and stunning designs!



curb appeal

Decorative garden flags are a simple and durable idea for decorating your yard. Our selections from Evergreen® feature bright colors, adorable graphics, and tons of personality.

garden flags

Their designs work well mixed up together, but they also have matching designs throughout their collections. Give your trees that pop of color or add a touch of cuteness to your atrium’s or flowerbeds with the smaller styles of flags.

garden flags

Bring the look of spring home with decorative garden flags from Evergreen® and enhance the charm of your home and garden.



bunny decor

Are you a lover of animals? Come check out the sweet nature of our love-able ceramic animals from Border Concepts, Inc. From birds to bunnies, dogs to cats, creating a playful area in your garden with darling décor is fun for everyone!

cermaic animals

Your kids or grandkids will love to play pretend with their new ceramic friends in the wildness of your yard. Create a theme or change up your animal selections seasonally. Have fun because that’s what they are all about!



welcome mat

Your welcome mat greets your friends and family when they arrive at your home with its friendly and welcoming message, design, and colors.

This season, check out our fabulous collection of inter-changeable designs in the Sassafras® Switchmat™ collection by Evergreen®!


First, the mildew-resistant base is made to allow water to drain, keeping your mat fresh and protected. The rubber base is designed to stay in securely in place. The selection of inserts are easily changeable and fabulously cute.


metal decor

Metal art never goes out of season! In fact, enjoy it all year long if you would like! Our playful pieces will dazzle any landscape.


From happy sunflowers to colorful dragonflies, your flowerbeds and containers will shine with these dancing designs. Check out all our varieties of friendly creatures to adorn your garden.

garden decor



rain gauge

For better gardening success, it is always good to know how much rain your landscape gets from each spring and summer storm. This can help you determine how much additional watering you need to be doing and if your plant’s roots are, in fact, getting enough moisture.

rain gauge

We have lots of fantastic options from Regal Art & Gift and more, that will help provide you information while also adding a dash of style and design! With solar power options along with simpler designs, find the rain gauge that speaks to your personality and the look of your landscape!



stone art

Want to add decorative pieces that bring pride to your home? Check out our stone art to accent your flowerbeds. From sports teams to Texas pride, you are sure to find a design that speaks to you. They are the perfect way to add a touch of you to your landscape.



garden decor

For your final decorating tip, don’t forget about our gorgeous collection of wind spinners! Our selection of well-crafted designs by Evergreen® come enriched with vibrant colors and exciting shapes.

Enhance the look of your landscape with these lovely pieces art and be entranced by the beautiful and soothing movements they bring.

wind spinner

Decorating your landscape is easy with our selection of quality garden décor! Stop by our store nearest you and pick up your favorite pieces to enjoy throughout the seasons.