Fall Gardening: What to Plant Now

Fall Vegetables & Annual Colors to Plant Now | Calloway’s Nursery

Fall is a fantastic time to plant! It gives your plants time to establish a healthy root system before our next Texas summer arrives. It also revives your landscape for a lush and beautiful season. Looking for inspiration? We are here to help! From annual color to cool season veggies, we have just what you need to give your garden a fresh update.



Annual color is a quick and easy way to give your flowerbeds a colorful addition every season! These beautiful blooms are vibrant, affordable, and make a strong visual impact to any home, patio, or container garden.


Celosia Plant for Fall Gardening | Calloway’s Nursery

Celosia is a showy flower with a plume-like appearance that creates upright spires of color. With full sun, it will thrive in our Texas climate. It is available in many fall colors like orange, yellow, and red. Celosia is great for filling containers and landscapes with striking seasonal color.

Matrix® Pansies

Matrix® Pansy Plant for Fall Gardening | Calloway’s Nursery

Matrix® Pansies are prized for their vibrant, large blooms and consistent growth throughout the cooler season. These beautiful flowers appear in a variety of colors with both blotch and clear faces.


Blotch Pansy Flower Plant for Fall Gardening | Calloway’s Nursery


Clear Pansy Flower Plant for Fall Gardening | Calloway’s Nursery

They are low maintenance plants that allow for easy care and maximum growth with little effort.


Petunia Flower Plant for Fall Gardening | Calloway’s Nursery

Petunias are one of the most popular annuals for the fall. They are known for their bright, trumpet-like blossoms and long flowering period. They are easy to grow and are available in a variety of colors like purple, pink, white, and more!

Petra Croton

Petra Croton Plant for Fall Gardening | Calloway’s Nursery

Petra Croton is a beautiful fall annual for your landscape with bold blends of red, yellow, orange, and green. The vibrant seasonal colors provide striking texture to any landscape or interior space. It is easy to care for and prefers partial shade to full sunlight throughout the day.



Perennials are plants that return year after year while annuals are only meant for one growing season. Properly planning out bloom times for your perennials will give you a flower-filled garden all year long!

Garden Mums

Garden Mums Flower Plant for Fall Gardening | Calloway’s Nursery

Garden Mums are a perennial favorite for fall and cool season landscapes. They feature fluffy, colorful petals from early fall through winter. The leaves remain green throughout the season. Garden Mums are relatively low-maintenance, and they thrive in full sunlight.

Salvia Greggii

Salvia Greggii Flower Plant for Fall Gardening | Calloway’s Nursery

Salvia Greggii is a soft mounding perennial that can grow up to 3 ft tall. It is shrub-like in size with small, aromatic green leaves and red bloom spikes. It is very drought tolerant and ideal for attracting beneficial pollinators to your landscape like butterflies and hummingbirds.


Coneflower Flower Plant for Fall Gardening | Calloway’s Nursery

Coneflowers are relatively effortless with large, colorful flowers and dark green foliage. They are heat and drought tolerant perennials and the bold blooms are great for attracting butterflies.



Do you want to eat more vegetables that are fresh from your garden? Fall is an ideal time to start planting delicious treats that you and your family will love!

Swiss Chard

Swiss Chard Flower Plant for Fall Gardening | Calloway’s Nursery

If you love leafy greens, Swiss Chard will make a wonderful addition to your garden. It is crunchier than spinach and more tender than kale. Swiss Chard comes from the beet family, but it doesn’t have the bulbous root. It is full of vitamins A and C and the bold veins will add a spark of color to your garden.


Cabbage Plant for Fall Gardening | Calloway’s Nursery

Cabbage is vibrant in color and packed with nutrients. It is a favorite cool season crop for many gardeners because they are quick to mature and can be used in many tasty dishes. From sauerkraut to coleslaw, there are a variety of ways to utilize this plant!


Broccoli Plant for Fall Gardening | Calloway’s Nursery

Broccoli is another nutrient-rich vegetable that can be enjoyed in a variety of recipes. It can be enjoyed raw, steamed, or even stir-fried. Broccoli prefers full sunlight and a slightly acidic soil. Water them regularly to keep the soil moist.



Shade Trees provide beauty, shelter for many animals, improve air quality, prevent soil erosion, and increase your home’s value. You can save money when you plant trees in your landscape because they provide shade from the hot summer sun and shelter from the cold winter winds.

Autumn Blaze Red Maple

Red Maple Plant for Fall Gardening | Calloway’s Nursery

Who doesn’t love a Red Maple? They shine during the fall with their fiery color palette. The leaves light up in yellows and reds throughout the season. It has silver bark and brick red branches to add an interesting dimension to any landscape.

Southern Live Oak

Southern Live Oak Plant for Fall Gardening | Calloway’s Nursery

Southern Live Oaks are a graceful native that when mature produces massive, horizontal spreading limbs. It will develop a deeply shaded canopy with glossy green foliage. It will impress in large landscape areas.



Ornamental Trees add style to any landscape. They are colorful, contain bold blooms, and they can add a structured look to your design.


Crapemyrtle Flower Plant for Fall Gardening | Calloway’s Nursery

Crapemyrtles are attractive ornamental trees that produces volumes of frilly blooms. They are a captivating focal point for any garden. It does best in full sun to partial shade and it can grow at a fast rate.


Outdoor Topiary Flower Plant for Fall Gardening | Calloway’s Nursery

Outdoor Topiaries add a formal elegance to many homes. They can be clipped and shaped to create unique shapes and figures. They are slow growing and do require some maintenance to maintain their shape.

Little Gem Magnolia

Little Gem Magnolia Flower Plant for Fall Gardening | Calloway’s Nursery

Little Gem Magnolias are wonderful fast growing trees which features large white, fragrant flowers. It is an ideal front yard accent with a distinctive and refined pyramidal form. This tree does best in full sun to partial shade. It requires an evenly moist well-drained soil for optimal growth, and it will not tolerate standing water.



Fruit Trees are the gift that keeps on giving! Fruit Trees help people connect to the growing process while also providing you and your family a nutritious food source and food security.

Ficus Fignomenal

Ficus Fignomenal Plant for Fall Gardening | Calloway’s Nursery

Image provided by Concept Plants BV®

This new variety is perfect for small space gardens because of its dwarf and mounding habit. The Ficus Fignomenal produces an abundance of sweet, medium sized figs. It gives you tasty fruit throughout the year and requires little attention and care.

Peach Trees

Peach Tree Flower Plant for Fall Gardening | Calloway’s Nursery

Peach Trees produce delicious fruit during the summer and beautiful, fragrant pink and white blooms during the spring. Plant now for optimal time to establish before next summer and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Plum Trees

Plum Tree Flower Plant for Fall Gardening | Calloway’s Nursery

Plum Trees are fast growing trees that produces large fruit with a delicious, sweet taste! The fruit appears in summer and fall and can be used for multiple culinary purposes.



Shrubs can make your landscape look fuller and more purposeful with minimal effort.

Sunshine Ligustrum

Sunshine Ligustrum Shrub Plant for Fall Gardening | Calloway’s Nursery

Sunshine Ligustrum is an outstanding variety that produces dense foliage that matures to a beautiful gold color. The glossy oval leaves remain gold throughout the winter. It is a wonderful color addition for borders and mass plantings.

Encore® Azalea Autumn Fire™

Encore® Azalea Autumn Fire™ Shrub Plant for Fall Gardening | Calloway’s Nursery

Bring home the colors of the season with Azaleas. The clusters of semi-double blooms burst in mid-spring with additional flushes during the fall and summer. It is very heat tolerant, making it a great choice for our Texas gardens.

Kaleidoscope Abelia

Kaleidoscope Abelia Shrub Plant for Fall Gardening | Calloway’s Nursery

Kaleidoscope Abelia is an impressive compact shrub has brilliant yellow gold and deep green variegated foliage with lovely white flowers in the summer and fall. It is resistant to leaf fade and scorch. You will love the dazzling performance all season long.



At Calloway’s and Cornelius, we have everything you need for you fall garden! Stop by and explore our entire selection of annual color, trees, shrubs, and so much more! Shop our neighborhood stores or shop online now!

Have questions? Ask our Texas Certified Nursery Professionals; they are here to help!







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