In Stores Now: Fabulous Pottery for your Indoor Plants

We are so excited about our new pottery selections! These trendy varieties, available in beautiful shades of coral, bright red, light blue, and classic white will compliment any indoor plant! You can enjoy your houseplants and truly decorate your space. From geometric shapes to retro designs and matte to glossy finishes, you will find the perfect pottery for you.

In Stores Now: Fabulous Pottery for your Indoor Plants

Coral Pottery for Indoor Plants

coral pottery selection

Are you crazy for coral? The bright color with a matte finish perfectly pairs with the glossy, green leaves of any indoor plant.

new coral pottery

Very retro and trendy, the style and hue adds a groovy essence reminiscent of the flower power days.

coral pottery for houseplants


Aqua Blue Pottery for Indoor Plants

aqua blue pottery

This selection of aqua blue pottery is so sweet and lovely. The glossy finish and the light blue color will add a calming accent to your indoor décor.

pottery for indoor plants

The modern shapes and geometric designs create an interesting display adorned by the natural and organic shapes of your indoor plants and their foliage.

blue pottery


Red Pottery for Indoor Plants

red pottery selection

Bring some warmth to the indoors with the bright red selection of our new pottery. Super glossy and vibrant, this hue likes to be the center of attention.

red pottery

Great for an accent piece in your home throughout the year or perfect for the holidays, this fire engine red pottery is available in different shapes and sizes. Use colorful indoor plants like bromeliads to really make a visual statement.


White Pottery for Indoor Plants

white pottery selection

Want to keep your color scheme fresh and clean? Choose from our varieties of new white pottery! Glossy and bright, the crisp color will truly make your indoor plants shine.

pottery with stands

You can also add a pop of color with an accent piece or take advantage of the different heights and sizes that we have to offer. This will create an interesting and pleasantly unexpected display for your indoor container garden.

new pottery


Stop by our store nearest you and check out our new pottery selection!

Not sure what to plant? Check out our blog all about the benefits of houseplants and the best plants for you. Questions? Ask one of our Texas Certified Nursery Professionals available at every store location!