Bromeliad Care Tips

What are Bromeliads?


There are many different species of bromeliads. Did you know pineapples are a bromeliad? These lovely plants are native to the tropics and can be found naturally growing on trees and rocks or growing in soil. As houseplants, bromeliads are most known as a potted plant because they grow well in soil.

bromeliad care tips

Their foliage can take on many different shapes from thin to broad and flat leaves, and the blooms come in many different textures and colors. They adapt to various climates easily which makes bromeliads a perfect, low maintenance indoor plant.

Caring for Bromeliads

1. Light

Bromeliads need bright, indirect light. Always check the plant tag as some varieties can tolerate more shade than others.

bromeliad plants

2. Watering

Proper watering is the most important factor in maintaining a healthy plant. If a bromeliad is growing on a tree in a tropical climate without access to soil, watering the “cup” or into the leaves core, is ideal as this is where the plant can use the water as it needs and maintain the level of moisture.


This is where the plant absorbs the water to the roots and any excess will evaporate easier avoiding plant rot. When planting in a container, water the plant thoroughly, allowing the water to drain through the soil and out the drain hole of the container. Avoid any and all standing water. Allow the soil to dry completely before watering again.

3. Soil

bromeliad planting tips

Bromeliads need to be planted with Calloway’s Premium Potting Soil. Bromeliads need a quality soil with proper moisture retention and drainage. This will give the plant the correct amount of moisture that it needs without rotting the plant. Like with succulents, allow the soil to dry completely between watering to avoid the development of plant rot.

bromeliad care

Bromeliads will bring a vibrant sparkle to your space. You can easily enjoy the low maintenance beauty of any bromeliad. Remember to plant with a quality and well-draining soil, avoid over-watering, and give your plant access to bright, indirect light!

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