Spring Perennials: Timeless Treasures

Unleash the Beauty of Perennials

Transform your garden into a vibrant paradise with perennial wonders this spring. Explore an array of colors & textures to revive your landscape and usher in the season of renewal.

Perennial Pleasures for a Timeless Spring Garden

Discover the enduring beauty of perennials that capture hearts season after season. Our curated selection showcases the plants cherished by gardening enthusiasts for their reliability and lasting allure.

Nurturing Perennial Growth

Prepare your flower beds with our selection of essential planting supplies to ensure your Perennial garden thrives.

Frequently Asked Questions

An annual is meant to last one growing season. There are different annuals that can be planted throughout each season that will give you color all year long. Perennials are plants that will come back year after year.

Agapanthus, Daylilies, Coreopsis, and Plumbago just to name a few! Check your local store for our current selection of awesome perennials!

Perennials are considered low maintenance since they come back each year. However, they still benefit from ongoing care depending on the variety they may need deadheading or pruning, dividing, fertilizing and winter care so they have longevity in your Texas garden. Perennials are a wonderful addition to any landscape!

Yes! We love adding perennials to our containers. It’s a great way to mix different varieties of plants, especially perennial grasses that you can use throughout different seasons of the year.

There are many great perennials for shade! Astilbe, Columbine, Heuchera, Hostas, Liroipe and more! Visit your neighborhood store to explore our current selection.

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