4 Creative Ways to Display Air Plants

creative ways to display air plants

If you are searching for a unique and easy-care houseplant, try Air Plants! Air Plants, also known as Tillandsia, are extremely versatile since they do not require soil to thrive. They derive their nutrients from the air, water, and the environment around them. This provides the opportunity to have some fun and be creative with your Air Plant display! Explore the wonderful varieties of Air Plants and check out our 4 simple ways to elevate your home with these striking plants.



air plants in pottery

At Calloway’s and Cornelius, we have a wide selection of fabulous planters and pottery in various sizes, colors, and styles to suit your interior décor.

air plant decorating

Try pairing a decorative design with the Plagiotropica variety. It has a nice full shape with pointed purple tips. Simply, place the Air Plant of your choice into the pottery or planter.

air plants in animal pottery

Show your wild side with Animal-themed planters! They are a fun accent to desks, shelves, or table displays. Our adorable elephant planter is molded to recreate the iconic features of a friendly elephant.

air plants in head pottery

Add a classic touch to your décor with our artistic head planters. Compliment the outstanding facial features and details with a little pizzaz from Air Plants. The Abdita variety is a great choice for a fiery red color.

air plants with seashells

Keep things natural with containers like seashells or a piece of Cholla Wood. Cholla Wood is an exotic driftwood from the Cholla cactus and it creates the perfect holder for your Air Plant of choice.



air plant aerium

Aeriums are ideal for displaying Air Plants. They are just like Terrariums, but without the soil. Find a decorative glass container and start creating your work of art.

aerium supplies

To make an Aerium, use colorful selections of SuperMoss® like bright green reindeer moss or a moss mix. You can also add Exotic Décor Pebbles for extra color and texture.

air plant with moss in glass bowl

Aeriums are quick and easy to assemble. Simply, add your desired materials and place your Air Plant. You now have a new stylish accent for your home.



air plant on candlestick holder

Give your home décor a touch of natural beauty. Adorn your tablescapes with these beautiful accents. Try topping your candlestick holders with the Stricta variety for its soft, thin leaves and bright pink bract.

air plant in kitchenware

Do you love your kitchenware? Display it with pride and enhance it with Air Plants! Fill a festive pitcher with a larger variety like Capit Maroon. The bigger size and long, maroon leaves add a dynamic touch for a striking tablescape.

air plants in glass containers

Decorative glassware or vases is a trendy and modern option for displaying Air Plants. You can enjoy the lasting foliage in your home without the hassle. Give your décor some color with the Capitata Peach variety. It is a popular choice for its green and pink hues and sturdy leaves.

air plants in vase

Cut flowers are wonderful, but they only last for so long. Fill your floral vases with lush foliage of Air Plants. Try a larger variety with long flowy leaves like Tropiflora or Abdita to create a bold, full look.



air plant magnets

Thanks to the easy-care nature of Air Plants, they can even be turned into a magnet. You can use corks, seashells, or even Easter eggs to house your plant. Plastic Easter eggs and their vibrant colors make for a lovely refrigerator accent, especially in the spring. This is a great way to recycle old plastic eggs after the holiday and you can even gift them to family or friends.

air plant magnet supplies

To create your Easter egg magnet, you will need smaller sized Air Plants, like the Ionatha Rubra variety, strong magnets, and hot glue.

easter egg magnets

Using adult supervision, take the top portion of your plastic Easter eggs and carefully glue the magnet to it. Allow the glue to dry completely.

air plants in easter eggs

Finally, place your Air Plants into the shell and add them to your refrigerator. You can also glue the Air Plant into the eggs for added security.

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There are few rules when it comes to caring for Air Plants. With the proper light, water, and nourishment, they can last for years to come!


Air Plants need bright, indirect light to thrive. Avoid placing your plants in areas with prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.


Like all plants, Air Plants need water to stay healthy. The approach to watering these indoor plants is different. Try using the soaking method where the plant is left to soak in a bowl of distilled water for around 20 minutes. Once they are finished soaking, allow them to dry completely before returning to its display. This can be done about every 1-2 weeks. You can also provide your plants with a regular misting of water to keep them happy and healthy.


Keep your Air Plants fed with Southside Plants Air Plant Fertilizing Spray. The premium 16-9-25 formula can be applied weekly. It has a fine mist sprayer that makes application easy.



air plants

At Calloway’s and Cornelius, we have a fantastic Air Plant collection for you and your home! Shop our neighborhood stores today!

Have questions? Ask our Texas Certified Nursery Professionals; they are here to help!




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