4 Easy Ways to Spruce up Your Spring Garden

easy ways to spruce up your garden

Is your greenspace ready for a makeover? Make your spring garden the envy of the block with easy DIY transformations that you can do today! Here are 4 genius hacks that will add instant style, color, and character to your outdoor spaces.



lawn decor

Outdoor garden décor is a cost-effective way to add personality to your landscape. It is an opportunity to make your garden unique and a reflection of you. Lawn décor allows for self-expression and it stays colorful and vibrant all year long! No matter if your garden is thriving or dormant, outside yard decorations will always add an artistic flair. At Calloway’s and Cornelius, we have a fabulous selection of unique garden décor for every style or mood.


Wind Spinners

wind spinners

If you are looking for large lawn decorations, try wind spinners. They add dimensional movement and the vibrant multi-colored panels come to life with every warm spring breeze. These visual masterpieces are available in mesmerizing blasts of color with heavy-duty construction. Our collection of wind spinners from Regal Art & Gift, have strong poles and ground stakes, thick metal blades, and weather and fade resistant paint.

flower wind spinner

For a floral pop, embrace the power of nature and try lawn décor with spinning flowers. This option from Evergreen® has metal embellishments with a vibrant design. It is made of powder-coated metal with a weather and rust-resistant finish, this wind spinner is designed for long-lasting enjoyment.


Decorative Garden Stakes

garden gnome stakes

Add a decorative lawn ornament to your flowerbeds or container gardens with adorable garden stakes. Light up the night with a solar option with an Evergreen® Gardening Gnome Solar Garden Stake. The bright flowers in his hat will add a burst of color during the day and give a friendly glow at night.

bird lawn decor

Metal bird stakes are great for small-space gardens and they will add a touch of nature to your outdoor planters. The charming design and bright colors are ideal garden decorations outdoors and they can even be enjoyed indoors with your houseplants.


Metal Art & Sculptures

metal cranes

Decorative garden sculptures are another easy way to add harmony to your landscape. Create a bird paradise with lawn décor! The graceful metal bird statuaries from Regal Art & Gift feature incredibly realistic feather and wing details with multi-colored patina finishes. Choose from cranes, roosters, and more!

metal cactus decor

Go rustic with your outdoor garden décor and create the cutest cactus collection in your neighborhood! Our selection of metal cacti comes in a variety of sizes and shapes in soft green and pink hues. They are ideal for displaying on patios, in garden beds, or to fill an empty space in your yard.



container gardening

Container gardening is a quick and easy way to update your home. They are extremely versatile and can easily be moved around your landscape. Decorative planters or handmade pottery will spruce up all your outdoor spaces.

backyard backyard with container gardens

Turn your garden from drab to fab with your favorite flower pots in the empty areas of your landscape. With the simple addition of colorful pottery and vibrant blooms, you can create a stunning display in minutes. If you have problem areas with too much shade, adorn the space with colorful shade planters filled with foliage and flowers that thrive in those low light areas.

terra cotta container gardens

Go for a natural look and use terra cotta pottery. Experiment with a wide variety of clay-based ceramics to bring an authentic look to your outdoor spaces. Try a variety of shapes and sizes and mix in large plant pots for interest. Terra cotta accentuates the bold and bright colors of all your favorite spring plants.

plastic container gardens

For lightweight and durable quality, try plastic flower pots from Japi or Bloem®. These plant pots are an easy alternative to heavy ceramic pottery. They are weather-resistant and extremely stylish. The Bloem® Lucca Planter even features a self-watering attached tray with an easy access spot for convenient watering!


At Calloway’s and Cornelius, we have a vast selection of premium pottery available in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors to suit any area in your home and garden. Choose flower pots that will work for you and have fun being creative while planting your favorite spring blooms!



plant annual color

One of the easiest ways to transform the look of your landscape is to plant annual color. The options are endless for all areas of your garden. Plant shade annuals under a shady tree for an extra pop of color or add sun-loving annual flowers to your sunny flowerbeds.

begonia flowerbed

If your flowerbed is looking bare, try filling it with an abundance of blooms by using Senator iQ and Ambassador Begonias. They are one of the best begonias you will find with high impact flowers.

cora vinca

Start planting for warmer weather now and use the best annual flowers for the season. Cora® XDR Vinca is arriving now! It has striking, showy, star-shaped flowers that provide strong color from late spring through fall. Plus, they have extra-disease-resistance! Cora® XDR Vinca is low maintenance and provides a bold accent to gardens and containers.


Plant for color and welcome pollinators to your landscape with annual flowers like Zinnias! Zinnias produce daisy-like blooms from mid-spring through summer. They are heat and drought tolerant, making them a fine choice for sunny landscapes. Bees and Butterflies are attracted to the colorful blooms and the bright yellow centers.


At Calloway’s and Cornelius, our stores are packed full of gorgeous annual flowers for spring. Explore our fantastic collection of Dianthus, Tropical Hibiscus, Marigolds, and so much more!

planting flowers

Need help planting? Let us plant everything for you with Pick & Plant! Experience our ultimate time-saving service for those who can’t spend as much time as they’d like in their garden.

Simply, stop by your neighborhood store and explore our selection of the season’s freshest, hand-picked curated plants. Choose the ones you want and speak with one of our in-store Garden Services advisers to make sure you have everything you need. We’ll schedule your installation at a time that works best for you and we will show up that day with your plants and all the tools necessary to plant them. You show us where you want your new spring plants and we will have everything planted in no time!



hanging baskets

Add a personalized touch to your outdoor spaces with hanging baskets. Hanging Baskets are one of the easiest ways to add blooming color to your home. They come pre-planted and full of flowers so all you have to do is find the ideal place to display your new addition and water regularly.

hanging baskets in store

Spring is the ideal time to find the most unique indoor and outdoor hanging baskets. We have a wide selection of mixed creations with big, bold blooms. Hanging baskets are great for small space gardens, patios and porches and they can add a vertical element to your outdoor garden décor.

hanging basket on fence

You can display your favorite hanging planters all around your outdoor spaces. Add a hanging hook bracket to your fence and display color along the perimeter with hanging baskets.

hanging baskets on trees

Find an established tree and create a floral accent with your hanging baskets. It will add an extra level of dimension to your outdoor garden décor and even welcome friendly pollinators to your landscape.

DIY hanging baskets

Inspired to make your own? We have a fabulous selection of coco lined baskets, available in a variety of styles and ready for you to personalize with plants! These natural planters will add an extra touch of beauty to your home and garden. Plus, you get the added benefits from the coco liners to help create a healthy root system and thriving plants!

Unsure of how to get started? Visit our blog here for tips on how to create natural hanging baskets for outdoor color!



garden decor

At Calloway’s and Cornelius, we are here for all your gardening needs! Visit us today and explore our entire collection of seasonal blooms, fantastic pottery, indoor plants, fresh vegetables, and so much more! Shop one of our 27 neighborhood stores, serving our loyal customers for over 35 years.

Have questions? Ask our Texas Certified Nursery Professionals; they are here to help!




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