Easy-Care Spring Terrarium Ideas

Easy-Care Spring Terrarium Ideas

Welcome spring and decorate your home for the season with easy DIY terrariums! This exciting activity is great for beginner gardeners and fun for the whole family.

A terrarium is an indoor garden container, usually made of glass that is fully or partially enclosed to showcase the stunning layers, textures, and decorative elements. They are charming pieces of living art, filled with delightful succulents, small ferns, air plants, cacti, and more. Terrariums are great for gifting, displaying on tabletops, and as centerpieces. They are especially ideal for adding natural beauty to dorms, offices, and apartments.

Ready to be inspired? Let us help you build a terrarium with success! Here is a simple step-by-step guide on how to create personalized DIY terrarium designs to decorate your home for spring!


How-To Make a Succulent Terrarium


  • Glass Container of Your Choice
  • Assortment of Terrarium Plants
  • Espoma® Organic Charcoal
  • Black Gold® Natural & Organic Succulent & Cactus Mix
  • Exotic Pebbles & Gravel Décor
  • SuperMoss® Reindeer Moss
  • Decorative Spring Accents

terrarium supplies


STEP ONE: Selecting the Perfect Container & Theme

Celebrate spring with festive terrarium accents! Begin with a plan in mind and figure out your spring terrarium theme. Do you want a natural look for everyday or do you want to design something for Easter with egg-cellent accents or colorful spring elements?


Once your spring terrarium themes are set, select your terrarium container. Using repurposed containers or recycled materials is a cost-effective approach and great for the environment! Put that old fishbowl, candle holder, or vase to good use and transform it into a miniature spring garden.


STEP TWO: Building the Terrarium Layers

build a terrarium

Next, start building your terrarium, creating the drainage layers first. A terrarium container does not have drain holes, so it is essential to construct a system to keep standing water away from the plant’s roots.

exotic pebbles

Add a thick layer of gravel or decorative pebbles, about 1-2 inches depending on your container size and shape. Taller and narrower terrariums will require a deeper layer.

drainage layers

Follow the gravel layer with Espoma® Organic Charcoal. It is 100% natural and organic, produced by heating untreated hardwoods to very high temperatures without oxygen in a process called pyrolysis.

Add a ½ inch layer on top of the stones to help with drainage and to control any potential odors, and then add your potting mix. Use Black Gold® Natural & Organic Succulent & Cactus Mix to provide the ideal soil structure, adding as much soil as you can to cover the roots of your terrarium plants.


STEP THREE: Planting Your Terrarium

It is time to start planting! Choosing the right plants for your spring-themed terrariums is important. Low-light plants are the best plants for terrariums as they can thrive in many different areas of your home. At Calloway’s and Cornelius, we have a vast collection of succulents, cacti, and miniature foliage to fit any style or theme.


With a spoon or small trowel, make a hole in the soil and add your plants. Set out the largest or focal plant first and carefully press the soil around each plant to secure it in place.


STEP FOUR: Decorating Your Terrarium

Decorating your terrarium

Complete your succulent terrarium with springtime accents and get creative! Embellish your creation with colorful moss or decorative stones. You can also add extra elements such as driftwood, mini statues, and shells.

planting a terrarium

Experiment with placements until you love the result. You’ll want to avoid overcrowding your plants. Once everything is set, give your terrarium plants a nice misting of water.

Decorating your terrarium

Display in an area where you can enjoy your work of art, ideally a space that receives bright, indirect light. For an additional pop of color and extra stability, try placing your spring terrariums in a plant saucer.


How-to Create Egg-cellent Terrarium Designs for Easter


  • Glass Container of Your Choice
  • Air Plants
  • Exotic Pebbles & Gravel Décor
  • Colorful Sands
  • Decorative Easter Accents
  • Small Funnel


STEP ONE: Add Colorful Sand for a Festive Touch

Create Easter cheer in a terrarium and begin by selecting the perfect container. Choose glass options that are smaller in size for easy gifting or repurpose your favorite Bunny-themed jars and containers for the ultimate spring terrarium centerpiece.

Egg-cellent Terrarium Designs

Once you have your terrarium container ready, start adding colorful sands. Use a small funnel to control your application and the placement of the sand. Do one layer at a time, carefully leveling them out before moving on to the next color or layer.


STEP TWO: Complete with Air Plants & Easter Accents

Easter Cheer in a Terrarium with air plants

Complete your DIY terrarium for Easter with symbolic spring elements and top it off with decorative stones. This will create a stable environment to house your air plants and keep the sand in place. Add the air plant and finish your creation with a small spring bunny accent.

air plant terrarium

Have fun with colors and patterns for your Easter egg terrarium. Use vibrant stones or small plastic easter eggs for an egg-cellent final touch.

Easter egg terrarium

Easter decorating ideas are endless with terrariums and a little imagination. You can create Easter egg designs with colorful sands and air plants or use a cute Easter-themed jar for a traditional succulent terrarium.

easter-themed terrarium

Keep it covered and your terrarium should form its own eco-system, capturing condensation and humidity. If you see fog forming around the glass, open the lid so it can dry out a bit.


Care Tips for Maintaining your Terrarium

  • Check the soil and mist your plants when it is dry to the touch.
  • Place in an area with bright, indirect light and rotate your container so that each side gets equal exposure.
  • Remove any old leaves as soon as you see them to keep your terrarium clean.
  • There is no need to fertilize your plants. Terrariums provide their own nutrients through natural decomposition over time.


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