Spruce Up Your Thanksgiving Table Décor with Plants

simple thanksgiving table decor

Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away! Make it a holiday to remember with elegant plant-based table décor for a festive feast. Spruce up your Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving celebrations with a charming tablescape that will truly impress your guests and take place cards to a new level with enchanting foliage and flowers. These thoughtful creations can also double as a party favor that your family and friends can take home and enjoy!

Need inspiration? Wow your family and friends this Thanksgiving with these 8 easy centerpiece and place setting ideas!


1: Personalized Mini Terra Cotta Pottery with Cyclamen


Create an inviting tablescape at your Thanksgiving celebration with personalized Terra Cotta Pottery. Prevent confusion and help your guests easily find their seats with a creative approach to the traditional place card.

flowers for thanksgiving

To get started, you will need 3-inch mini terra cotta pottery and a white paint pen. Write the name of the guest or your favorite Thanksgiving expression. Allow everything to dry before you start planting.

white cyclamen

Fill each pot with Calloway’s Premium Container Potting Soil, leaving room for the plant. Treat your guests to the gift of flowers for Thanksgiving and use an array of 2-inch Cyclamen in bright white or beautiful jeweled tones for a colorful display.


2: Sweet Succulents & Mini Planters


For simple Thanksgiving table décor, try something sweet and gift your guests gorgeous Succulents. They are very low-maintenance, easy to care for, and fantastic starter plants for new gardeners. Pair these unique beauties with colorful mini ceramic pottery for a stylish touch to your Thanksgiving place settings.

succulent centerpieces

When planting with Succulents, it is important to use the ideal potting soil. Try Black Gold® Natural & Organic Succulent & Cactus Potting Mix for its unique blend of horticultural grade perlite, pumice, earthworm castings, compost, and bark. This potting mix is designed specifically for Succulents and provides the ideal soil structure and drainage that they need to thrive.

Top off your creations with decorative pebbles and a festive accent to complete the look of your Thanksgiving table décor.

fresh from florida


3: Rustic Air Plant Table Décor

air plant centerpieces

Elevate your Thanksgiving table with nature-inspired décor and create a striking accent with beautiful Air Plants. They can grow virtually anywhere, requiring very little water and care. They derive their nutrients from the air, water, and the environment around them. This provides the opportunity to have some fun and be creative with your Air Plants.

Garden-inspired decor with air plants

Use a natural container like Cholla Wood, an exotic driftwood from the Cholla Cactus. The unique shape and textures will give your Thanksgiving table décor a touch of rustic elegance. Place SuperMoss® Reindeer Moss into the top of the driftwood and make a small hole to place the plant to keep it secure. Complete the look at each place setting with a few decorative leaves as the base of your design.

For more ideas and inspiration on other ways to utilize Air Plants in your home, check out our blog here: 4 Creative Ways to Display Air Plants



4: Colorful Kalanchoe Place Cards


Create a charming ambiance with festive floral centerpieces and place settings. Try unique indoor blooms that are long-lasting and easy to care for. Kalanchoes are eye-catching Succulents prized for their clusters of exquisite blooms and distinct leaves.

flowers for thanksgiving

Pair each Kalanchoe with a decorative planter in a neutral pallet and allow the color to be the focal point of your Thanksgiving table décor. Add bright green reindeer moss to complete the look and make your design pop!


5: Unique Pottery & Mini Foliage

Leafy accents

Go classic with your Thanksgiving décor and adorn each place setting with the outstanding facial features and details of our artistic head planters. The design, petite size, and soft hues will surely spruce up any place setting.

splash select pink polka dot plant

Pair each planter with the leafy accents of Splash Select™ Pink or White Polka Dot Plants. Also known as the Freckled Face Plant, these mini varieties have attractive pointy leaves in shades of pink and white that are covered in distinctive green spots.

Complete your Thanksgiving table décor with a decorative leaf place card. Using a paint pen, write the name of each guest on the leaf and place it under the plant at each seat.


6: Delectable Table Décor with Fresh Herbs


Elevate your Thanksgiving centerpieces with fragrant table accents and fresh herbs. Treating your friends and family to fresh herbs is the gift that keeps on giving. They will fill your Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving celebrations with delectable fragrances and natural beauty. Plus, your guests can continue to enjoy the tasty flavors in all their favorite home-cooked meals after the holiday.


Create plant-themed decorations with lovely Rosemary, Parsley, Dill, Oregano, and so much more! When planting fresh herbs, use Calloway’s Organic Container Potting Soil. Our organic potting soil is the epitome of excellence, crafted with the utmost care and made with the highest quality organic ingredients. It promotes rapid root growth while ensuring optimal moisture control and supplies good aeration in the soil.

Give each place setting a different herb and try bronze or green ceramic pottery to enhance the natural radiance of your table display. Complete it with a decorative plant marker or pick up RapiClip® Label Plant Markers from your local Calloway’s or Cornelius!


7: Mini Sansevieria & Stylish Pottery

chandler place setting

Fun and sustainable place settings start with greenery and leafy accents. Indoor plants are always a great gift, especially the adorable 2-inch Sansevieria. This low-maintenance plant is easy to care for, and extremely tolerant of low-light conditions. The upright habit and various shades of green will add color and texture to your Thanksgiving tablescape.


Pair with stylish pottery in hand-painted designs and patterns and add decorative pebbles for a fabulous final touch. Complete your place setting with a gift tag and write each guest’s name on it for a thoughtful gift that they can take home and enjoy for a long time!


8: Decorative Foil wraps with Seasonal Plants

For a quick and easy option, experience the magic of Foil wraps! Decorative foil wraps will transform any plant into a stylish accent or thoughtful gift in an instant. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, choose from fantastic green, glamorous gold, elegant silver, and more!

norfolk island pine

Create breathtaking plant arrangements and charming table settings with seasonal blooms and fresh greenery. Try 4-inch Norfolk Island Pine to help get your guests ready for Christmas! These adorable plants come with pretty gift tags for the ideal grab-and-go present.

foil wrap

Rosemary Holiday Trees are fun, easy to grow, tabletop Christmas decorations that you can cook with! They are shaped to mimic the style of a classic Christmas Tree and carry a wonderful, soothing aroma.

cyclamen in foil wrap

Elevate your foil wrap décor with festive ribbon. Simply, place your plant in the foil wrap and cut a piece of ribbon that will fit around the base. Use tape or glue to secure it. Try sparkling ribbon or use an orange and white plaid to craft an elegant bow for the ultimate Thanksgiving décor. Complement the color scheme with the vibrant blooms of Cyclamen or other cool-season blooms.

The options are endless for your Thanksgiving table décor and place settings! Wow your guests and make it a holiday to remember with festive plants.


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