Cool Color for your August Garden

Cool Color for your August Garden | what to plant in august

Welcome August with color and give your flowerbeds and container gardens a cool makeover! Enhance your outdoor space with captivating late-summer hues and create a stunning visual display. Expand your gardening horizon and discover unusual blooms and foliage for a unique unveiling of color in your Texas home and garden.


Create Stunning Visual Displays with Crotons


Are you ready for fall? Immerse your pumpkin-spiced spirit in the rare hues of Crotons! The fantastic foliage thrives indoors or on a partially shaded patio. Crotons are tropical plants that come in a wide variety of leaf shapes, colors, and patterns.

petra croton

Petra Crotons are the most common variety, known for their large, variegated foliage.

picasso croton

For a unique unveiling of color and texture, Picasso’s Paintbrush Croton is a visual delight. It has long, narrow leaves that resemble an artist’s paintbrush. The foliage is dense and slow growing.

unique crotons

Croton plants are native to the tropical forests of Southeast Asia, and they thrive in warmth and humidity. Plant them in containers to provide the ideal environment for success. Pair your Crotons with stylish pottery to accent your home or patio with vibrant color, and use Calloway’s Premium Container Potting Soil. Crotons prefer evenly moist, well-draining soil, but let it dry out between waterings.

colorful crotons

Following the light requirements is key to maintaining the beautiful colors of Crotons. Display in an area that receives no more than 5 hours of sunlight per day like a sunny windowsill.

fresh from florida


Vibrant Celosia Colors: A Kaleidoscope of Brilliant Hues


Create a stunning visual display with Celosia! Also known as Flamingo cockscomb, this eye-catching variety features bold plumes of bright, feathery spikes.

plumed celosia

Celosia is a warm-season annual that thrives in bright light to full sunlight. This cockscomb plant loves our Texas weather. It is heat-tolerant and performs well in sunny flowerbeds or container gardens. When planting in flowerbeds, use fertile, well-draining soil such as Calloway’s Premium Flowerbed Garden Soil.

brainiac celosia

Did you know you can bring the brilliant hues of plumed Celosia indoors? Find a spot in a sunny window to show off this rare plant. Exploring Celosia color varieties and shapes will help you choose the ideal selection for your space. For a more compact option, try Brainiac Mix Celosia. The fun and distinctive blooms are brain-shaped, which is perfect if you are already itching to do some pre-Halloween home preparation!

Celosia care is relatively easy if you follow these few tips for keeping your plants healthy and vibrant. Water regularly to keep the flower spikes vibrant and keep the soil evenly moist, but not waterlogged. Check the soil moisture often and avoid letting it dry out.


Colorful and Unique: Discovering the Beauty of Growing Coleus


Create colorful combinations in your late-summer garden palette with the distinctive hues of Coleus! They are low-maintenance annuals that provide vibrant foliage to shady areas of your landscape, and they are a great choice for creating a stunning visual display on your porches or patios.

kong coleus

Coleus colors will set your garden apart with the many different varieties and color combinations available. Kong® Coleus provides extremely large, dramatic foliage that is sure to brighten up your flowerbeds. The showy leaves dazzle in rare hues of pink, green, red, and purple.

coleus leaves

Coleus thrives in hot and humid conditions. They perform best with filtered morning sun and shade in the afternoon. Too much sun exposure can scorch the leaves and cause the color to fade. They need consistently moist soil to promote a stronger root system. Try applying mulch to your flowerbeds to help retain moisture longer. Use Calloway’s Premium Organic Hardwood Mulch for your gardening success. Our Hardwood Mulch mats together to create a protective barrier for your plants.

Water when the top inch of the soil feels dry. Coleus container gardens may need an increased watering frequency, especially during hot summers.


Transforming Your Garden with the Lasting Blooms of Kalanchoe


Ignite your space with the radiant beauty of Kalanchoe. This tropical plant is a low-maintenance succulent that thrives in bright light or in shady landscapes. Kalanchoes are popular houseplants because they are drought-tolerant and easy to grow.

orange kalanchoe

This resilient plant blooms for months on end, providing your home and garden with lasting color. Kalanchoe is a hardy plant and does well with minimal water. Allow the soil to dry completely before watering again to prevent root rot.

pink kalanchoe

Like most flowering plants, Kalanchoes can also benefit from a proper feeding schedule. When growing indoors, feed monthly with Calloway’s Premium Tropical Plant Food during the spring and summer months.


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