How To Make Holiday Hanging Baskets

Easy Holiday Basket Ideas

Get into the Christmas spirit and deck your home in holiday cheer! Create stunning hanging baskets that will truly impress your guests at every celebration.

how to make holiday hanging baskets

Unleash your creativity with cedar bunches and premium berried bouquets and elevate your décor with the festive flair of gorgeous Christmas greenery, and vibrant blooms. Hang a piece of the holidays for all to enjoy!

Ready to jingle bell rock? This easy, DIY craft is fun for the whole family! Make it a Christmas to remember and try these hanging basket hacks for holiday beginners!


Designing Your Dream Poinsettia Hanging Basket

poinsettia hanging basket

No other plant says “Christmas” like Poinsettias. They are a gift-giving delight, and they provide easy elegance to any space. Poinsettia hanging baskets add that extra pizzazz to your Christmas décor with their velvety brilliance and vibrant color.



  • Hanging Basket with Coco Liner
  • Calloway’s Premium Container Potting Soil
  • Poinsettias
  • Premium Berried Bouquets
  • OPTIONAL: Christmas Décor or Mini Lights



Choose the hanging basket style of your choice and line it with a coco liner. Our pre-formed coco liners keep soil in the basket while allowing water and air to circulate. It is a great natural approach to container gardening with an upcycled elegance.

potting soil

Fill the hanging basket liner with Calloway’s Premium Container Potting Soil for your gardening success. Our top-of-the-line potting soil is a high-quality blend of organic materials that provides an optimal growing environment for container plants.



Next, plant your Poinsettias, the effortless holiday stars! Try using two or three 4.5-inch varieties to allow the Poinsettias to reign supreme in the hanging basket. Place them around the center of the basket, keeping in mind where the chains or detachable hangers are located to protect your plants.


cedar bunch

It is time to add nature’s timeless touch with textured greenery and the Premium Berried Bouquet.

textured evergreens

Stick the different evergreen pieces into empty areas around the Poinsettias. Use varying sizes and heights for a versatile accent and aromatic design.

hanging poinsettias

Arrange the greenery as needed to create a full look of everlasting elegance. Make sure they are securely placed into the planter. If needed, you can use plant wire to attach the cedar bouquet to the hanging basket.


festive flair on hanging baskets

Complete your holiday hanging basket with festive flair and add decorative Christmas lights to your creation. Place them around the greenery for a dazzling and versatile accent that you can enjoy both during the day and through the night! Display your Poinsettia hanging basket on a shaded patio or porch or enjoy the rustic charm indoors! Poinsettias thrive in cooler weather but avoid placing your hanging baskets where they can touch cold windows or where they can get blasted by cold or hot air.

hanging poinsettia baskets

Proper watering is the key to keeping your Poinsettias happy, always water them at the base and not the top of the leaves. You do not want to let them dry out or be overly watered. When you first purchase your plants, give them a good drink. Allow the water to soak through the plant and its roots before planting. Water your plant about once a week, as needed. If the soil is slightly moist to the touch, then it’s good to go. If the soil feels dry, then watering is needed. If your home is dry, watering may be needed more frequently, as poinsettias love humidity.

With your support, you can make a powerful impact in our community with these beautiful Christmas plants! We will be donating 10% of our Poinsettia purchases to support Lena Pope and their mission of helping children and families thrive! For more information about Lena Pope, visit


Unleash your Creativity with Cool-Season Hanging Baskets

hanging baskets with cedar bunches

Create a reusable hanging basket that will shine through the winter and into the new year! Mix and match your holiday hanging basket with vibrant blooms, lush herbs, and textured greenery.



  • Hanging Basket with Coco Liner
  • Calloway’s Premium Container Potting Soil
  • Cool-Season Color such as Cyclamen, Alyssum, and Lavender
  • Port Oxford Cedar Bunch
  • OPTIONAL: Christmas Décor or Mini Lights



potting soil

Fill the coco liner with Calloway’s Premium Container Potting Soil, leaving room for your plants.



Next, add the focal point of your holiday hanging basket and try Cyclamen. The distinctive features of these vibrant blooms make them a delight in cool-season gardens. This versatile accent will elevate your creation with lovely festive flair and bright, holiday cheer.



Create a full appearance with fresh Lavender. The natural beauty and frosted hues will add a winter wonderland charm to your hanging basket design. The silvery foliage is delightfully fragrant, and it will thrive all season long.

Plant the Lavender on both sides of the Cyclamen so it can be enjoyed from all viewing angles.



For easy elegance and effortless beauty, plant Alyssum in your holiday hanging basket! They will enhance your aromatic design with clusters of fragrant flowers that bloom in a lovely star shape. A great addition to any cool-season garden and a versatile accent, Alyssum is prized for its compact growth and trailing habit.



Complete your cool-season hanging basket with Port Orford Cedar Bunches and evergreen pieces. Fill in empty areas and place them in between the different plants for a dynamic look.


Top off your hanging cedar creation with decorative Christmas ornaments. Place in any areas that need an extra sparkle for a stunning holiday accent. Plus, after the holidays, you can remove the ornaments and enjoy the vibrant blooms into the new year!

holiday hanging baskets

Display your DIY holiday hanging basket in a partially shaded area of your garden or add a touch of seasonal beauty to your porches or patios.

Keep your container evenly moist by watering it when the top 2 inches feel dry. When growing hanging baskets, more frequent watering may be needed.


Plant and Go Hanging Basket Ideas with Christmas Cactus

christmas cactus

Limited on time? No problem! Create stunning hanging baskets in minutes with Christmas Cactus, a fantastic houseplant that provides masses of colorful, long-lasting blooms during the holiday season. Christmas Cactus have flat succulent leaves that grow out from each other to form stems and branches. It’s an excellent flowering indoor plant that can live for decades with proper care.

Use the pre-made 8-inch hanging basket varieties and pair them with a natural hanging basket. Simply, remove the plant from the container and place it in a coco-line hanging basket, filled with Calloway’s Premium Potting Soil.

christmas cactus

Complete your creation with decorative Christmas lights and display it indoors in a location that receives bright, indirect light. It will adapt to low-light conditions, but it will produce more blooms in medium-lit areas. Too much direct sunlight can burn the leaves.

Watering is important for Christmas Cactus. It needs evenly moist soil while blooming to maintain the health of the plant.


Decorate with Ease

holiday hanging basket ideas

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